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10 beach clubs in Rio that you need to know

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Rio de Janeiro has a talent for outdoor programs! After all, there is nothing better than enjoying the city and its natural beauty. And since it's summer, we've made a selection of 10 beach clubs in Rio that you need to know, which in addition to having beautiful views of the city, offer good food and great drinks. In fact, over the last few years, kiosks in Rio have undergone improvements and regulatory processes, aiming to guarantee standards of quality, safety and respect for the environment. Therefore, more modern and sophisticated, they have excellent infrastructure, as well as a bathroom and some even offer chairs and umbrellas, as in the beach clubs.

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10 beach clubs no Rio


The São Conrado kiosk, inspired by the Bartholomeu de Paraty restaurant, is run by chef Vinicios Brito. So, in addition to the spectacular view, it draws attention to its menu. A highlight is the sea bass roasted in coarse salt, accompanied by zucchini spaghetti and colored potatoes. Furthermore, the other favorite among the public is the Barthô Burguer, with freshly ground skirt steak and homemade wasabi mayonnaise. Meanwhile, attached to the kiosk, with several drink proposals made by mixologist Augusto Dornellas, is the “Barbarthô” space. In fact, on site, one of the most popular drinks is the famous Moscow Mule with a passion fruit and tangerine foam version, which is mouth-watering!

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Address: Av. Pref. Mendes de Morais – São Conrado | Tel: 21 99521-4787

Kiosks in Rio
Concept standing in the sand of Barthô

Classic Beach Club

In addition to the charm of the Ipanema Beach coastline, the Clássico Beach Club presents us with a breathtaking view of Morro Dois Irmãos. With a menu designed by consultant chef Pedro Benoliel, the place offers options from breakfast to Happy Hour. In fact, served until 11:30 am, the café's menu includes varieties such as tapioca, toasts, eggs and sandwiches. Among the toasts, the highlight is the salmon with guacamole, parsley leaves, lemon zest and olive oil. All of them made with naturally fermented bread.

Address: Avenida Vieira Souto s/n – Ipanema (near Rua Henrique Dumont)

Two Brides

The gastrobar, awarded by Veja as the best kiosk in Rio, located at post 8, in the best beach-on-the-sand style with top-notch cuisine. Initially, the venture has three friends as partners: Pedro de Lamare (partner of Gula Gula), David Zylbersztajn (ex-Rubaiyat) and Luiz Carlos Nabuco. The menu, designed by executive chef Lucas Lemos, is light and offers dumplings, croquettes, sandwiches, pastries and dishes to share. In fact, consulting chef Lelena Cesar values ​​seafood on the menu.

Address: Av. Vieira Souto, 110 Posto 8 – Ipanema

Gávea Beach Club

Pioneer of kiosks on the riverfront, Gávea Beach Club has a more sophisticated proposal and the kiosk's cuisine is of high quality. Located in São Conrado, the establishment is managed by Italian businessman Maurizio Ruggiero, who invested in the “Beach Restaurant” concept. Therefore, among the highlights of the menu are more elaborate recipes with fish and seafood. Fresh oysters, salmon tartare and premium cherry tomato bruschetta are a hit. Furthermore, the beach club It also has a unit in Leme.

Address: Av. Prefeito Mendes de Morais, QS 4 A and B

The Carioca

Ipanema's cevicheria, La Carioca, is a highlight of Peruvian cuisine and also has a most relaxed kiosk on Leblon Beach. The menu varies with options for both breakfast and any time of the day. I had the pleasure of trying the breakfast, with several options from smoothie bowls to delicious homemade guacamole. In fact, a great choice to enjoy a sunny day!

Address: Av. Delfim Moreira (in front of number 90), Leblon| Tel: 21 2522-8184

fishing boat

Located on Reserva beach, Quiosque Pesqueiro is an option for those looking for a Beach Club atmosphere on a more reserved beach. The place has DJs and live music, in a relaxed and spacious environment. In fact, the menu specializes in Caiçara and Mediterranean cuisine and features several drinks prepared by mixologists Alex Miranda and Lelo Forti. Cocktails, such as Tiki à Haute Coquetelaria, with new creations, reinterpretations and exclusive signature drinks are a hit. In addition, the menu also has complete dishes.

Address: Av. Lucio Costa-Ilha 25-Praia da Reserva | Tel: 21 99512-1112

Fishing on the reserve beach
Fishing Environment


O beach club Pesqueirinho is a great option for those who want to enjoy the Recreio Beach, in the West Zone, with all comfort. Thus, with a complete structure, with covered tables and bungalows on the sand, the establishment has a cuisine focused on fish and seafood, prepared by chef Monique Gabiatti. Pesqueirinho, in fact, is the younger brother of the well-known Pesqueiro. The structure has two environments that suit all tastes: the upper part with covered tables and the lower part with umbrellas.

Address: Av. Lúcio Costa, 89 – A/B – Recreio dos Bandeirantes

Who Who

An obligatory stop in São Conrado, voted the best kiosk in this year's Veja Rio magazine award, QuiQui is definitely on the list of the best kiosks in Rio. The place, which is run by chef Francisco Nóbrega, serves light dishes, such as salmon , shrimp moqueca risotto, fillet medallions and quinoa salad with seafood. In addition, the house has more than special drinks prepared by mixologist Foguinho.

Address: Avenida Prefeito Mendes de Moraes (In front of nº900), São Conrado | Tel: 21 99501-0209

Sel d’Ipanema

Located between stations 9 and 10, the elegant kiosk and beach club in Ipanema is perfect for those looking for a delicious and vibrant outdoor activity. Initially, the kitchen point Carioca is led by chef Carlos Cordeiro, who offers a menu inspired by modern Mexican cuisine, with lots of crudos, fish and very fresh seafood. The environment, designed by Flávia Machado, is inspired by paradisiacal destinations such as Tulum and the Californian Coast, in a style boho chic, with natural raw materials and a vibe rustic and laid-back.

Address: Avenida Vieira Souto, R. Maria Quitéria, 00 – Qc 11 and 12 E/f A – Ipanema


How about enjoying the late afternoon overlooking the Copacabana waterfront, with great drinks and excellent food? This is the proposal of Tropik, a sophisticated beach club at the Fairmont, a luxury hotel in Copacabana. Located at Posto 6, right in front of the hotel, Tropik offers Mediterranean cuisine, with a Greek touch, designed by French chef Jérôme Dardillac. Therefore, in an elegant and relaxed atmosphere, the establishment also has a musical program on the weekend!

So, save these tips from the kiosks in Rio and enjoy the experience of Rio's beach clubs!

By Duda Vétere and Renata Araújo
August 2021. Updated December 2023
Photos: Renata Araújo, Duda Vétere and disclosure