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Do you want to visit the largest floodplain in the world, but still don't know what to do there? Pantanal? Here we tell you some of the experiences we enjoyed most during our visit to the region of Corumbaat the Mato Grosso do Sul.

The Pantanal extends across the states of Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul, as well as some areas of Paraguay and Bolivia. Biosphere Reserve and World Natural Heritage by UNESCO, the region has a very rich fauna and exuberant flora. One of the gateways with the best structure is the city of Corumbá, on the border with Bolivia. For those who don't really like animals, as it's a little boring, but for ecotourism fans, it's a great treat.



What to do in the Pantanal (Photo: This World is Ours)

One of the best ways to get to know Pantanal wildlife is to visit the Park Road. Along the 120km between Corumbá and Miranda, it is possible to cross beautiful landscapes and observe animals such as alligators, capybaras, pacas, anteaters, coati, monkeys and, with great luck, even jaguars. You can go on an organized tour with a guide (which helps a lot to identify the animals and find the best observation points) or on your own by renting a car. During rainy seasons, normally from January to June, it is recommended that the vehicle be a 4×4, as some parts are flooded. Walking along Estrada Parque takes around 4 hours and some inns have restaurants along the way.

Consult agencies on the city hall website


What to do in the Pantanal (Photo: Disclosure/Fundação Turismo

Riding a boat along these rivers is to the Pantanal what Christ the Redeemer is to Rio de Janeiro. The options range from boat rides, luxurious boats and even rowing, for just a few people. Tours on smaller boats with Pantanal boatmen are more interesting as they have trained eyes to spot animals, such as alligators and birds. You can book tours with hotels (see list). We did it with Lontra Pass. If you can, watch a sunset while sailing. It's spectacular!


What to do in the Pantanal (Photo: Disclosure/Fundação Turismo)

One of the most popular activities in Pantanal is night spotting, which can be done by car or boat. As many animals are nocturnal, this is an ideal period to encounter alligators, wolves and, once again with great luck, the famous jaguars. Tours can be booked at hotels and inns in the region.


What to do in the Pantanal (Photo: This World is Ours)

Riding a horse and riding through the flooded areas is one of the most authentic Pantanal experiences. Some farms offer the tour, which usually takes two hours. We live in the pantaneiro day of São João Farmwhich also serves a lunch with typical foods of the region and has hammocks for well-deserved rest. A Pousada Aguapé also offers the tour.


Alligator Farm in Corumbá - Caimasul (Photo: Esse Mundo É Nosso)

In the Pantanal, not far from Corumbá, you can visit an alligator farm and be lucky enough to hold one of these animals in your hands. A Caimasul It is not yet officially open for visits, but it is possible to schedule them with the owners (know everything).

#FICAADICA: Don't forget to bring comfortable sneakers, a cap or hat, insect repellent and sunscreen, as well as a jacket. Despite being a very hot region, we experienced cold temperatures worthy of the south of the country.

During our visit we stayed for one night at the Passo do Lontra Parque Hotel. It is a simple jungle hotel, but very popular, especially among fishing families who want facilities to fish in the region's rivers.

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* The journalists traveled at the invitation of Corumbá Pantanal Tourism Foundation. All opinions given here are independent and impartial.

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