8 Must-Do Things to Do When Traveling in Sydney, Australia


Sydney is Australia's largest city, home to over 5 million people, with countless incredible beaches, rich and unique history, stunning architecture, wildlife, diverse landscapes and much more!

8 Must-Do Things to Do When Traveling in Sydney, Australia

Being currently under lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you're certainly feeling restricted when it comes to places you can enjoy while traveling, and as much as Sydney is currently out of reach, you don't need to worry. The city has it all and will still be there waiting when the time is right!

Once you get there, it can be difficult to choose what to see first, so here are several suggestions on what you can do and experience while in Sydney.

1. Take the coastal walk from Spit Bridge to Manly Beach

This exhilarating 7-mile walk takes around three hours and zigzags through native bushland and picturesque beaches. During this spectacular tour, you will see 1,000-year-old Aboriginal rock carvings and take in spectacular ocean views.

When you reach the end, treat yourself to breakfast or lunch at one of Manly's many local cafes.

8 Must-Do Things to Do When Traveling in Sydney, Australia

2. See Sydney Harbor

Sydney's incredible harbor is perhaps its most prominent feature, giving the city the nickname Harbor City. Experiencing the city from the water is particularly convenient if you choose to rent a boat overnight in Sydney, from a luxury private yacht or a low-cost charter boat.

You're sure to get 360° views of everything from Circular Quay at the northern end of the Central Business District to Manly and an up-close view of the famous Sydney Harbor Bridge and Opera House.

3. Visit the Opera House

As one of the architectural marvels of the 20th century, the Sydney Opera House is also one of the most recognizable buildings on the planet. With a roof that resembles elegant domed “shells” or “sails,” this sculptural landmark is photographed from all angles throughout the day by tourists from all over the world.

To enjoy a first-hand experience of this architectural marvel, book a guided tour of the building and learn a variety of fun facts about its historical context. Be sure to visit the Opera House performing arts center, which presents a colorful calendar of music, theater and dance.

8 Must-Do Things to Do When Traveling in Sydney, Australia

4. Climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge

If you've looked at Sydney before, you might have heard about Bridge Climb – an event where you pay for the privilege of climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge to the top by climbing lots of stairs, walkways and ladders wearing blue and gray climbing gear.

Meanwhile, your climbing guide tells you interesting stories about the historic bridge, including lots of facts and a few jokes. The views of Sydney Harbour, Sydney Heads and the Blue Mountains in the distance will make this expensive but hair-raising climb worth it.

5. Take a road trip from Sydney

The area around the city offers as much pleasure as the city itself. You can't miss the chance to visit the Blue Mountains – the ancient sandstone in the national park, transformed into gorges flanked by steep cliffs and separated by narrow ridges.

The area is free to visit and to get there you can take the train from Sydney, which takes around two hours. However, if you plan on exploring and hiking, it's best to take a road trip and stay overnight! This way, you will have much more covered area and you will be able to enjoy nature to the fullest. Here are some other hikes you might want to check out if you want to stretch your legs:

8 Must-Do Things to Do When Traveling in Sydney, Australia

6. Stroll through the Royal Botanic Garden

Founded in the early 19th century, the Royal Botanic Garden in Sydney is Australia's oldest scientific institution, as well as one of the oldest public gardens in the entire Southern Hemisphere. It is home to an impressive array of native plants, including palms, eucalyptus, bottle trees, hoyas, Australian figs and Kauri pine.

Even a short visit to the garden will bring calm to your heart due to the busy life of the CBD. Open every day of the year, with paid entry. You can even pack a picnic bag and enjoy the whole day there!

7. See the museums and art galleries

Like most cosmopolitan cities, Sydney offers a wide range of art museums, history museums, galleries and everything in between. One of the best-known museums in Sydney is Hyde Park Barracks. Housed in former convict barracks dating back to the 18th century, it shows an incredibly detailed chronicle of colonial life in Sydney, drawing on historical information, artefacts and the stories of the early settlers.

Surrounded by stunning parkland, the Art Gallery of New South Wales is one of Australia's most eminent art museums. Built in the late 19th century, it houses spacious, light-filled galleries and grand courts, with artworks spanning everyone from European and Asian masters to poignant contemporary art from around the world.

The gallery also has one of the most extensive collections of Aboriginal art in Australia. After admiring all the masterpieces, take a break and relax in the cafe or restaurant, or browse the gallery's gift shop.

On the other side of Circular Quay in the Rocks, you will find a historic neighborhood crossed by pretty cobbled streets, the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia houses innovative contemporary art from Australia and around the world.

Inside this waterfront building, you can enjoy a variety of exhibitions, featuring everything from drawings, paintings, sculptures and new media. At such a well-selected institution, you will always find something inspiring to see.

Plus, the inside of the building isn't the only place to feast your eyes. After having her generous dose of art, head up to the rooftop terrace for a bite to eat with a glass of wine while admiring the stunning views across the harbor and fresh air.

8. Soak up the sun and sand at Bondi Beach

A trip to Sydney could hardly be complete without a stop at the world-famous Bondi Beach. Of course, there are many beautiful beaches to explore, but a visit to Bondi is a unique experience. You can take the train, bus, taxi, to reach this beautifully curved beach, hidden between two sandstone headlands.

Don't miss Bondi Iceberg at the southernmost tip of the beach – you'll never forget taking a dip in an iconic ocean pool, built in 1929, with its crystal blue waters.

8 Must-Do Things to Do When Traveling in Sydney, Australia

Shopping for attractions, activities and tours in Sydney

If you plan to visit Sydney and want to go on tours and excursions, I recommend using the Get Your Guide website and Civitatis to search for the best attractions and tours in the region. These sites are full of different options for all types of travelers and budgets.




Australia's largest city really is a remarkable city, and unlike many of the world's metropolises that scream at you to rush in and see things in a frenzy, this city sends a different message to its visitors – come, relax, spend time outdoors. free and enjoy the lovely weather.

Sydney is a city that will take you out for walks, picnics in the park, resting on the beach, visiting local art and eating and drinking by the bridge. Many unique places will keep you busy and leave you with a ton of unforgettable memories!

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