Alloggio in un vero palazzo in Germania!

Accommodation in a real palace in Germany!


We, at Viagem Virgínia, are passionate about History, and especially castles and palaces. In 2020, Rafaella and Raphael, founders of Viagem Virgínia, moved to a palace, which is also the headquarters of our office, located in Gutenzell-Hürbel, in the state of Baden-Württemberg.

The beautiful Baroque-style palace will celebrate its 500th anniversary in 2021, being built to be the home of the Freyberg Family.

Close to the Romantic Route, and the incredible Ulm cathedral, it is a great place to stay for travelers who want to take an itinerary outside the obvious, exploring the interior and its beauties. To do this, we selected some complete apartments inside the palace, to share with our dear travelers the experience of living in this historic building.

Far from major urban centers, the palace and its surroundings offer an atmosphere of tranquility in its external area and a personal welcome in its accommodations.

View of one of the apartments at Huerbel Schloss.
Interior do Huerbel Schloss.
Interior do Huerbel Schloss.
One of the entrances to the Huerbel Schloss, with original doors.
Church next to the Huerbel Schloss.
One of the corners of the Huerbel Schloss gardens.
Landscape from one of the accommodation windows.

“Stork’s Nest”

This apartment offers one bedroom, with kitchen and bathroom, ideal for three guests, with a double bed and sofa bed. The large original palace windows ensure natural lighting and transport nature from the palace gardens into the apartment. Spacious and practical.

“Stork’s Nest” room.

“Maisonette 1521”

The duplex apartment has capacity for four guests, with a queen bed, a living room with sofa bed, bathroom and kitchen. The highlight of this apartment is its historic staircase, as well as a private garden in the castle. A 16th century apartment with all the necessary amenities for a perfect stay.

Living room with sofa bed from “Maisonette 1521”.
Living room with sofa bed from “Maisonette 1521”.
Fourth from “Maisonette 1521”.
Bathroom of “Maisonette 1521”.
Historic staircase from “Maisonette 1521”.
Kitchen of “Maisonette 1521”.
Kitchen of “Maisonette 1521”.

Despite its privileged location, many are still unaware of the possible tour options to be taken from the palace. Next, we will show you some of these wonderful destinations possible from Huerbel Schloss!

Romantic Route

The most famous route in Germany is one of the most popular destinations for travelers, and among some of its cities, is Memmingen, just a thirty-minute drive from Huerbel Schloss.

For the traveler who wants to go further and explore the Romantic Route even further, it is possible to visit Landsberg am Lech, Augsburg and Füssen.

Castles and palaces

One of the most visited attractions in Germany, the Neuschwanstein palace, is one of the options for guests at Huerbel Schloss, in addition to the Hohenschwangau castle, built, respectively, by Ludwig II and Maximillian II. Both kings belonged to the House of Wittelsbach, the family of Bavarian kings and one of the most influential in all of Europe.


Many people want to include Switzerland in their itinerary, and by staying at Huerbel Schloss, it is possible. A tour visiting some cities in Switzerland, such as St. Gallen, tasting originally Swiss cheeses and chocolates, in their homeland, will certainly enrich your travel experience.


Another country that you can discover from the palace is Austria. For those who want to go skiing and practice winter sports, Innsbruck is a great choice! Besides, of course, being a beautiful city. During the journey, travelers will admire the Route of the Alps and its fascinating landscape.

City in the Alps

For those who love the climate of the Alps, to enjoy a hot chocolate or a coffee in a cozy environment with the atmosphere of a small country town, but with a pleasant center and many shops, Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Mittenwald are a perfect recommendation.

Lake Constance (Bodensee)

Lake Constance. also called Bodensee, it manages to bring together incredible cities on its banks, and it is possible to discover them from the Huerbel Schloss.

The beautiful city of Konstanz, with its pleasant riviera climate, typical of the region, is one of the most interesting spots. However, those who love nature and beautiful landscapes will be able to appreciate it in its most exuberant form during a trip to Mainau Island, the “island of flowers” ​​also in the Bodensee.

In addition to these, Lake Constance offers attractions and tours in other charming cities, such as Lindau and Meersburg.

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