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Although it is still a place without much structure, there is excellent options for inns at Praia dos Carneiros.

Many people think that taking a day trip there is enough to enjoy the region, but our tip is to spend at least one or two nights at the destination.

This way, it will be easier to enjoy the beach, which has 5 km long, that is, it is quite large. Not to mention that everyone wants to enjoy the famous little church of Carneiros without the hustle and bustle of the tours.

In this post, we will give you tips on great options for hotels in Praia dos Carneiros and with good cost-benefit. Take a look:

10 Pousadas in Praia dos Carneiros

Carneiros is 100 km from Recife and 50 km from Porto de Galinhas. Therefore, many people end up going and returning on the same day, but those who do this are unable to truly enjoy the destination.

Praia dos Carneiros (Photo: This World is Ours)
Praia dos Carneiros (Photo: This World is Ours)

A Carneiros Beach is located in Tamandaré. For those who prefer to save money, you can stay closer to the city center, but you will be far from Carneiros.

It's worth having a car to be able to Go out at night for dinner in Tamandaré. If not, you end up being more restricted to hotel restaurants. One tip is the restaurant Tapera do Sabor and another is the Cobia.

Why Stay at Pousadas in Praia dos Carneiros?

First of all, it's worth an explanation: During certain moments of the day, the beach is crowded with people who came from tours leaving Porto de Galinhas and other regions.

As a result, people fight for space to get the best photo in the famous little church, street vendors try to sell drinks and the beach club let's go it gets very crowded.

Therefore, if you stay there, you can watch these moments from afar and when everything is calmer you will have the beach practically to yourself.

When we went, we stayed at Pousada Praia dos Carneiros (see the price of discounted daily rates) and we really liked it. At sunset, the beach was practically empty.

But enough talk, let’s get to the tips for hosting there:

All notes were checked in October 2020 on Booking.

1. Pousada Praia dos Carneiros (grade 8.3)

Although don't be a luxury hotelThe Pousada Praia dos Carneiros fulfills its role. As I said, we stayed there and enjoyed it. There are simpler rooms and more luxurious bungalows.

View of Pousada Praia dos Carneiros in Pernambuco (Photo: Reproduction/Booking)
Pousada Praia dos Carneiros (Photo: Reproduction/Booking)

It faces the beach and has a sensational swimming pool. Furthermore, the hotel offers cabins that are right in front of the sea. Great to spend the day.

it is 10 minutes walk from São Benedito church and has its own parking. (score 8.3 on Booking).

+ Take the opportunity to see the value of discounted daily rates

2. Pontal dos Carneiros (grade 9.5)

One of best options among the inns at Praia dos Carneiros, the Pontal dos Carneiros It's foot in the sand. He has great structure with swimming pool and green area, as well as parking.

The hotel has accommodation for two people and also for families (score 9.5 on Booking).

Pousadas in Praia dos Carneiros: Swimming pool in front of Pontal dos Carneiros beach (Photo: Reproduction/Booking)
Pontal dos Carneiros (Photo: Reproduction/Booking)

+ See the price of discounted daily rates

3. Paraíso Carneiros (grade 8.5)

A Paradise Carneiros It is also standing on the sand and it's about a 15-minute walk to the little church.

Like the others, it has pool and green area. Those who have already stayed praise the cleanliness and comfort of the hotel. It is closer to beach club Bora Bora (score 8.5 on Booking).

Pousadas in Praia dos Carneiros: Swimming pool facing the beach at Paraíso dos Carneiros (Photo: Reproduction/Booking)
Paraíso dos Carneiros (Photo: Reproduction/Booking)

+ Check the price of discounted daily rates

4. Gameleiro Bungalows (grade 9.1)

One of the guesthouses at Praia dos Carneiros with best value for moneyThe Gameleiro Bungalows It is located in front of the beach and is close to Pousada Praia dos Carneiros.

He has accommodation options for couples and families (the houses have a kitchen). It's about a 10-minute walk to the little church (score 9.1 on Booking).

Decoration of the Gameleiro Bungalows (Photo: Reproduction/Booking)
Gameleiro Bungalows (Photo: Reproduction/Booking)

+ Check the price of discounted daily rates

5. Sítio da Prainha (grade 8.6)

A Pousada Sítio da Prainha stay front to the beach. In fact, it is located very close to the chapel of São Benedito.

It’s another great option for those who want to enjoy the beach. Who has stayed praises the location and the hotel structure, which has a swimming pool and children's area (score 8.6 on Booking).

Inns at Praia dos Carneiros: Sítio da Prainha Swimming Pool (Photo: Reproduction/Booking)
Sítio da Prainha (Photo: Reproduction/Booking)

+ See the price of discounted daily rates

6. Solar dos Carneiros (grade 8.9)

O Solar dos Carneiros is already further away from little church of São Benedito It is It's not in the sand. It is a 10-minute drive from the center of Tamandaré and 3 minutes from the beach (about 700 meters).

The rooms are simpler, but have a good cost-benefit. It has a swimming pool and play area for children (score 8.9 on Booking).

Swimming pool and outdoor area at Solar dos Carneiros (Photo: Reproduction/Booking)
Solar dos Carneiros (Photo: Reproduction/Booking)

Take the opportunity to see the price of discounted daily rates

7. The Colorful (grade 9.2)

Although it is not a guesthouse, another tip on where to stay in Carneiros is at Apart Hotel As Coloridas. We stayed there for one night and really enjoyed it.

It is located in the urban part of Praia dos Carneirosthat is, it is far from the little church, but It's foot in the sand.

Inns at Praia dos Carneiros: External area of ​​the As Coloridas guesthouse (Photo: Esse Mundo é Nosso)
The Colorful (Photo: This World is Ours)

We counted on a post about our complete experience there. We really liked the structure and the apartment itself (score 9.2 on Booking).

+ Check the price of discounted daily rates

8. Club Meridional (grade 9.1)

Another tip for those who prefer an apartment and instead of inns at Praia dos Carneiros is the Club Meridionalwhich is a development with several apartments with different structures.

The place has a large leisure area with swimming pools, courts, gym, children's area and much more (score 9.1 on Booking).

Swimming pool and outdoor area at Club Meridional (Photo: Reproduction/Booking)
Club Meridional (Photo: Reproduction/Booking)

We made a post explaining how the Club Meridional.

9. Rameiros Paradiso (grade 9.7)

O Paradiso Sheep offers just two bungalows located facing the beach. It remains 3km from the chapel of São Benedito. The room has modern and unique decor.

A personalized breakfast is served on the accommodation's balcony (score 9.7 on Booking).

Inns at Praia dos Carneiros: Carneiros: Hammock facing the sea in Paradiso (Photo: Reproduction/Esse Mundo é Nosso)
Paradiso Sheep (Photo: Reproduction/This World is Ours)

+ Take the opportunity to check the price of discounted daily rates

10. Pousada Jardins (grade 8.4)

Another tip among the inns at Praia dos Carneiros is the Pousada Jardins. It faces the sea and has a swimming pool, in other words, a great option for those who want to relax.

It is about 3km from the chapel. There are family room options with good value for money (score 8.4 on Booking).

External area of ​​Pousada Jardins (Photo: Reproduction/Booking)
Pousada Jardins (Photo: Reproduction/Booking)

+ Don't forget to see the price of discounted nights

Inn in Tamandaré

For those who prefer to stay in Tamandaréthat is, further away from the Carneiros Beach some good options are Coral Beach (grade 9.6 on Booking), the Solar da Praia (grade 8.0 on Booking), the White Bay (grade 8.6 on Booking) and the Coral Bay (grade 8.0).

Take the opportunity to see too other hosting options in Carneiros.

More tips about Praia dos Carneiros

See more tips about Praia dos Carneiros:

How to get to Praia dos Carneiros?

Now that you know Tips for the best and cheapest inns in Carneiroslet's count how to get to this paradise.

The easiest way Take a plane to Recife and from there take a transfer or car to Carneiros.

From Porto de Galinhas to Carneiros takes about 40 minutes. From Recife to the beach the journey takes between 1h30 and 2h, that is, it is very easy to go by car.

Attractions at Praia dos Carneiros?

It may not seem like it, but there is a lot to do in Carneiros. So, pay attention to these tips.

Firstly, remember to go to little church of São Benedito in the morning or near sunset. At these times there are fewer people there.

Furthermore, try staying at the beach to enjoy a little corner of the sea just for you.

Another attraction are the natural pools and the catamaran ride. For those who like sports There is kayaking and stand up paddle boarding.

How many days to stay?

Many people believe that in one day you can enjoy everything that Carneiros has, but to really enjoy it calmly The ideal is to sleep there at least one night.

The best thing is to stay at least 4 days at destination to enjoy the beach and relax.


In summary, the Carneiros Beach has many attractions. Therefore, it is worth staying here to enjoy everything calmly.

In fact, if is in high seasonfrom December to February, or on public holidays, remember to book your hotel in advance.

Do you have any questions or do you have more tips for hotels in Praia dos Carneiros? Leave it in the comments!

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