Brazil do you need a car in Gramado and Serra Gaúcha? It is worth it?

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A common question we receive from readers is If you need a car in Gramado and other cities in the region. Even those arriving by plane in Porto Alegre question whether it is worth it or not. rent a car to get to Serra Gaúcha.

As we have already shown in another post, the most practical and quickest way to get from the airport is by car, but we also provide other options for those who do not intend to rent one. In this publication we will talk about whether or not it is advantageous to have a car in Gramado during the days you are in the city.


The good news is that those who don't intend to rent a car You can really enjoy the attractions, especially those in the central region of Gramado.

Do you need a car in Gramado?  (Photo: This World Is Ours)

On the other hand, it can be more expensive if you depend on agencies (tours in the region tend to be quite expensive) to visit neighboring cities and you will probably have less time flexibility on tours in the surrounding area, including in Canela.

But to help you decide whether or not to rent a car when you go travel to Gramadowe list some advantages of having a vehicle and also what doesn't change if you decide not to rent one.


  • Ease of travel from the airport to Serra Gaúcha, including being able to make the Romantic Routewhich is the most beautiful route where buses or transfers do not pass;
  • Take tours around Gramado and neighboring cities at your leisure;
  • Economy in tours longer, like Bento Gonçalves. A tourism agency charges around R$100 per person just for transportation, that is, it is the cost of a daily car ride and you have the freedom to go at your own pace (find out more about Maria Fumaça tour);
  • Although there is a private tour bus that runs around the region, as we will talk about below, many attractions are far from the center of Gramado, such as the Snowland, neighboring Canela and, mainly, the parks there. Having a car allows you to visit these places at your own time, without depending on the agencies' transport schedules;


For you to make a comparison between the main rental companies and find the best car rental price in Gramado, whether already leaving Porto Alegre airport or just in Serra Gaúcha, we suggest you make the simulation on the Rentcars websitewhich is what we always use on our trips.

Canela: Do you need a car in Gramado?  (Photo: This World Is Ours)
Stone Cathedral in Canela

It works like a Buscapé that finds the best prices among car rental companies. And you can even pay in up to 12 installments. It's worth doing a simulation online to find offers.


As we said, it is also possible to do without a car in Gramado, especially if you intend to travel less to cities in the Serra Gaúcha, such as Nova Petrópolis or Bento Gonçalves. Below we list some alternatives:

  • There is Uber in Gramado, which facilitates travel within the city; taxis are now more expensive;
  • You can use the BusTour to get to more distant attractions, such as Canela or Snowloand (which is in the middle of the road). Tickets per person for use during one day start at R$69* (know more).
  • To Porto Alegre airport, as we show in this postthere are direct transfers (I think it's expensive) or regular buses, which are cheaper.
Romantic Route: Do you need a car in Gramado?  (Photo: This World Is Ours)
Romantic Route

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Do you have any further questions about whether you need a car in Gramado and other cities in Serra Gaúcha? Leave your comment!

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