Discover the cities that will host the World Cup games in 2026 -

Discover the cities that will host the World Cup games in 2026 –

North America

The World Cup in 2026 will take place in three North American countries, the United States, Mexico and Canada! Discover the cities that will host the most important games in the world of football.

In the United States there will be eleven cities, in Mexico three cities and in Canada only two. There are sixteen (16) cities in total that will host the mega event, it will be the first time that three countries will host the World Cup at the same time!

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Host cities for the 2026 World Cup



2026 world cup cities

Atlanta is a surprising mix of historic neighborhoods and modern buildings, with a multitude of super interesting tourist attractions. It is a city of excitement and calm, to travel with family or friends, there is the ideal Atlanta for anyone who wants to discover this incredible destination.

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2026 world cup cities

Boston is the largest city in Massachusetts, no wonder it is the state capital! It is also one of the oldest cities in the United States, it carries a lot of history and one of its museums, the Museum of Fine Arts, has more than 450 thousand works of art in its collection. You will find a lot of beauty and several interesting attractions!


world cup 2026 cities

Dallas is located in Texas and is part of the so-called Metroplex, it is the largest metropolitan area in the South of the United States and is made up of Dallas, Fort Worth and Arlington! They have an entire district dedicated to art, the Arts District is a mix of architecture, museums and theaters that are well worth visiting. The center is full of unmissable attractions, there are options for all tastes! You can go to the aquarium, enjoy nature in the gardens and parks and even visit the zoo.

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Houston is also located in Texas and is a city full of attractions, the award-winning cuisine is very popular and is worth trying. It's a great place for shopping, the malls and outlets are huge! The Space Center Houston, which is one of NASA's Operations Centers, is located in the city, it is open for visitors so don't miss it. It also has many other incredible attractions, including for children… the Children's Museum of Houston is a great place to visit with the little ones.

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Kansas City

world cup 2026 cities

Kansas City is in Missouri, it is the city with the largest number of inhabitants in the state! It is known for its dancing fountains, jazz and blues and traditional American barbecue. The city's architecture is also incredible, there are many important tourist attractions along the way! Furthermore, the Crossroads artistic district brings together many interesting galleries and shops.

The Angels

world cup 2026 cities

Los Angeles is one of those destinations that those who know want to return to and those who have never been dream of going to! There are many incredible attractions to visit throughout the city, including the beloved Hollywood with its Walk of Fame, its huge sign and the homes of famous people. The Santa Monica Pier is one of the well-known places worth visiting, the sunset is incredible and makes for a sensational walk.

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world cup 2026 cities

A multitude of attractions in one of the most beautiful and trendy cities in the United States (in my humble opinion). Miami is a destination with stunning beaches, colors everywhere, as well as being the perfect city for a family vacation, as a couple or with friends! No matter the occasion, it's a great travel destination.

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New York

New York Hotels

Who has never dreamed of visiting New York? Imagine visiting this wonderful place during the World Cup?! The city is one of the most visited by Brazilians traveling to the United States and has countless attractions for all tastes and budgets. Whether for shopping, walking or eating in restaurants with delicious food, NY is an excellent option!

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world cup 2026 cities

The sixth largest city in the United States is known for its history, arts, shopping and restaurants! It's also great for long walks, this is the best way to get to know Philadelphia. In addition to being the city in the series “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”, it was also immortalized in the film “Rocky” by Sylvester Stallone with the race on the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art!

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San Francisco

world cup 2026 cities

Another California city on the list, San Francisco is a destination full of attractions that are worth visiting! The Golden Gate Bridge (that huge bridge in the photo that is a postcard), the cable car that runs through the city, Alcatraz and the Walt Disney Family Museum are some of the best-known tourist attractions. But San Francisco has much more to offer for those who go there.

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Seattle is the place where the famous Starbucks was born, but the city isn't just about coffee. There are many attractions, the natural beauty is impressive! They have a mountain range called Cascade, the Mt Rainier Volcano, the Puget Sound bay full of killer whales and towering pine forests. It's a destination full of wonderful surprises!

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vancouver - photo: wikimedia commons

Vancouver is one of those exciting destinations, full of incredible attractions to choose from and have fun with. There are several gardens, parks, museums, and much more! Furthermore, the city is located between the sea and the mountains, which makes the natural beauty magnificent and full of enchanting surprises.

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Toronto is a super modern city, the largest metropolis in Canada! Excellent for family tourism, boat trips on Lake Ontario are super famous! The most recommended is the one that passes through the three islands in front of the city, it guarantees a privileged view of the most famous buildings. Also, be sure to include a walk through the set of underground galleries called Path! Read our post about an incredible day trip in Toronto.


Mexico City

world cup 2026 cities
Museum of Fine Arts in Mexico City

The Mexican capital is full of surprises, in addition to being one of the largest metropolises in the world, it is also full of tourist attractions and activities for all tastes and budgets! Whether you are a history, art or gastronomy and shopping lover, you will certainly find perfect tours for your ideal travel itinerary.


world cup 2026 cities

Capital of Jalisco state of Mexico, Guadalajara is known for tequila and also for the famous Mariachi music! The city's Historic Center is perfect for a walk, but despite the old architecture in several places, it is also a very modern and lively city full of wonderful bars and restaurants.


world cup 2026 cities

Monterrey is the city that offers some of the best cuisine in Mexico, if in addition to watching World Cup games you want to eat delicious and different food, this is where you should go. Surrounded by mountains, this destination is also full of enchanting natural beauty!

Which of the cities that will host the World Cup games do you intend to visit? Tell us in the comments!

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