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The trip to Frades Island It is ideal for those who want to enjoy beautiful and quiet beaches near Salvadorat Bahia. We took the day tour and managed to enjoy the destination a lot.

So in this post, we tell you more about the island, give tips on the trip and talk about what there is to do there.

Trip to Frades Island

See all the tips about the destination, which has been an ecological reserve since the 80s:

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Clear sea of ​​Ilha dos Frades (Photo: Esse Mundo é Nosso)
Ilha dos Frades (Photo: This World is Ours)

Where is the island?

Ilha dos Frades is a 2-hour boat ride from Salvador. It is located in the center of Baía de Todos os Santos and belongs to the capital of Bahia.

How to get to Ilha dos Frades

The easiest way to get to Ilha dos Frades is by taking a boat ride. They come out of Maritime Tourist Terminal from SalvadorNear the Model market. If you buy the tour there on the spot, transportation by schooner starts at R$80 (price as of December 2021).

Several tourism agencies also offer the tour, including Cassi and the Privetur. Tours cost from R$120 (Dec/2021), with the option of a transfer leaving the hotel for R$140.

A tip: many accredited vendors are at the entrance offering the tour, negotiate the price with them and ask for a discount. It usually works well.

But remember to check if the seller is actually accredited. He will take you to the internal counter to pay. You will not give money directly to the seller.

There are also some kiosks in Mercado Modelo itself, but prices tend to be higher.

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Ilha dos Frades by schooner and catamaran

As there were only schooners that day, the journey took 2 hours. It was a little tiring if we stop to think that we spent 4 hours a day on the boat, but it was worth it. Anyway, on the boat there is a bar and live music (the sound quality was terrible, but it's worth it lol). The journey was very smooth, with practically no movement.

Boat on which we took the trip from Salvador to Ilha dos Frades (Photo: Esse Mundo é Nosso)
Boat we took the tour (Photo: This World is Ours)

Tour times and duration

Hours may vary depending on the time of year. When we went, the boat left at 9:30 am and arrived at the island at 11:30 am. When it was time to leave, he left at 3:30 pm and arrived in Salvador at 5:30 pm.

One of the beaches on Ilha dos Frades (Photo: Esse Mundo é Nosso)
One of the beaches on the island (Photo: Esse Mundo é Nosso)

A catamaran is usually a little faster, but when we went there were none available.

Is it worth a closed tour with the hotel or guesthouse?

If you prefer, there are options to complete the tour with a round-trip transfer to your hotel (take the opportunity to find your hotel in Salvador at a discount).

Sincerely, I don't think it's a good thing because you can take Uber to the terminal, which is behind Mercado Modelo, without spending much.

If you go with the transfer, it will take longer, as they will probably pick up other tourists before and after you.

That said, I also do not recommend any tour that combines Ilha dos Frades with another destination. If in our case, the tour only went there, it was already very busy, imagine sharing it with another island.

Ilha dos Frades fee in Salvador

Ilha dos Frades has a good tourist structure. But it's good to know that upon arrival you need to pay an Environmental Preservation Fee of R$25 (December 2021).

Entrance to Ilha dos Frades: An environmental fee must be paid (Photo: Esse Mundo é Nosso)
Entrance to the island (Photo: This World is Ours)

So, try to get off the boat soon to be one of the first to pay the fee and not have to wait in line.


History says that the island got its name because at the beginning of colonization two friars would have been murdered here for the Tupinambás.

What to do on Frades Island

The island's main attractions are the beaches and viewpoints. See the most visited tourist attractions to include in your itinerary:

Ponta de Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe Beach: Blue Flag

A Ponta de Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe Beach It is one of the few in Brazil that has a Blue Flag. This means that the beach takes care of the aquatic, coastal and inland environments with respect for nature and the environment.

Blue Flag of Ponta de Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe beach (Photo: Esse Mundo é Nosso)
Blue Flag (Photo: This World is Ours)

To get the Blue Flag a series of criteria must be mets about water and coastal quality, infrastructure for bathers, services and much more.

Translucent sea of ​​Praia da Ponta de Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe on Ilha dos Frades (Photo: Esse Mundo é Nosso)
Ponta de Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe Beach (Photo: This World is Ours)

Therefore, a series of rules must be followed on the beach. For example, sounds at volumes exceeding those established by law are prohibited, camping is prohibited and it is also prohibited to go to the beach with pets.

Tents on Ponta de Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe Beach (Photo: Esse Mundo é Nosso)
Tents on Ponta de Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe Beach (Photo: Esse Mundo é Nosso)

There, there are beach huts for anyone who wants to spend the day enjoying the sea, drinking and eating. It is the only one with a good structure for bathers.

Viração Beach

After Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe beach, walking a little, you reach the Viração Beach. It has no structure, but It's very empty. Good for anyone who wants relax without having much company of strangers.

Just don't forget that there are no stalls or bars there.

Calm sea at Praia da Viração (Photo: Esse Mundo é Nosso)
Praia da Viração (Photo: This World is Ours)

Honestly, as it's a one-day trip, I think these are the only beaches worth visiting. If you decide to walk a lot, you will spend the few hours available on Ilha dos Frades just walking and will not enjoy the beaches themselves.

The other beaches are Loreto Beachwhere the little church of Our Lady of Loreto is located, Tobazinho beach, Tobar, Costa de Fora, São José, Tapera, Enseada, Paramanáamong others.

Island lookouts

There are at least two viewpoints on Frades Island. But the most famous and with the most structure is that of Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Viewpoint of the church of Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe on Ilha dos Frades (Photo: Esse Mundo é Nosso)
Church viewpoint (Photo: This World is Ours)

Built by the Portuguese in the 17th centurythe church was restored in 2007. Access is via a staircase. In fact, the view of Baía de Todos os Santos is beautiful. At the back of the church, there is a cemetery.

Church viewpoint (Photo: This World is Ours)
Church viewpoint (Photo: This World is Ours)
Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe (Photo: This World is Ours)
Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe (Photo: This World is Ours)

Walking on the left side of those looking at the sea, there is another viewpoint with less structure, but with an equally beautiful view. Just follow the shore to the stairs that give access to it.

Ilha dos Frades Viewpoint (Photo: This World is Ours)
Viewpoint (Photo: This World is Ours)

Where to eat on Ilha dos Frades

A Frades Island It has a good structure for tourists. On the main beach, there are stalls ideal for eating and drinking. In the alleys, there are restaurants and bars. One of the most famous is the Blackwhich has a great menu, but is a little more expensive.

Preta Restaurant (Photo: This World is Ours)
Preta Restaurant (Photo: This World is Ours)

On the menu, there is burrata (R$69), goat cheese (R$70), grilled octopus (R$180) and prawns (R$140) as a starter. The main course includes spaghetti with seafood (R$ 150), fish moqueca with plantain (R$ 140) and shrimp moqueca (R$ 178).

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