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South America

Today was a long day! I woke up at 5:30 am and went to the bus station. White River take the bus to Brasilia (R$20.30). Arriving there, on the way to the Federal Police station, I saw a guy who also looked like a backpacker, his name is Hernan, an Argentinean who saved me all day with his Spanish.

In Brasiliawe took a taxi (just the two of us) to Assis Brazilon the border with the Peru. 110km for R$20 each, a bargain! We crossed the border, had lunch at Iñapari “pollo” (chicken, s/8 – US$2.5). At the immigration post, which was closed for lunch and the person who helped us to stamp our passport was a shirtless guy, I paid a lot. Surname? And I “Rafa”. Hahah

We took a full taxi to Puerto Maldonado (s/40 – US$12.50). The journey took 5 hours and we arrived at 6:30 pm dusty from head to toe. It was there that the economical Argentine asked the taxi driver for a cheap hotel, who took us to the Integration (room, shared bathroom with cold water for s/10 – US$3).

The city is a zone, full of motorbikes and buses (it looks like those countries in Asia). We took a motorcycle taxi at night (s/2 – round trip – US$0.60) to buy plane tickets to Cuzco ($61 for Aerocondor).

Afterwards we ate French fries (s/10 – US$3) and drank several Cusqueñas (Peruvian beer for s/10 – US$3 for a 1L bottle). Sleeping was the hardest part. In the middle of the Amazon jungle, I sweated all night…

For those who cheated at school:

Puerto Maldonado is a city in Peru, capital of the Madre de Dios department and the province of Tambopata. It has around 38 thousand inhabitants.

Rafael Carvalho

A native of Minas Gerais, a fan of chicken with okra and good beer, he currently lives in São Paulo. He has a degree in Radio and TV, a postgraduate degree in Journalism and has worked with Digital Content for over 16 years. He has worked for companies such as SBT and Jovem Pan FM. Passionate about traveling, he founded Esse Mundo É Nosso and travels around Brazil and the world all year round, always looking for tips to share.

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