Comment voyager en Malaisie avec un budget limité

How to travel around Malaysia on a budget


Traveling through Southeast Asia with little money is no mission impossible. After you have already paid for the tickets (in installments on your credit card many months in advance), the estimated costs are much lower than for a trip to Europe.

Some suggest spending US$40 per day. With this money, you can stay in comfortable hotels, eat in good restaurants, take souvenirs for the whole family and even save some change. But if you are a backpacker hardcore If you want to take advantage of all the cheapness on this side of the world to extend your trip or simply because you're broke, here's a guide to surviving in Malaysia on a budget: just US$25 per day (or less).

Malaysia with little money

Cheap accommodation in Malaysia

If your destination is Kuala Lumpur, the best place to find accommodation that fits your budget is undoubtedly Chinatown, near Petaling Street. There you can pay around US$7 for a room. In general, these hotels offer a fan, hot water and internet, but don't expect luxury.

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Where to Stay in Langkawi

In Langkawi and Ipoh, we were also able to pay an average of US$7 for accommodation. The trick is to search on booking sites like HostelBookers, and Hostelworld, as well as going from hotel to hotel looking for bargains. If you are not afraid of arriving in an unknown place without booked accommodation, this is the best strategy, as not all the simplest and cheapest hotels are on the internet. But be careful: if you go during high season you also run the risk of having to pay more.

Hotel in Langkawi, Malaysia

Another way to save is by getting a sofa in someone's house through the Couchsurfing system. In addition to not paying anything for accommodation, you enrich your trip by getting to know the daily life and customs of the people who live there. This was our option in Kuala Lumpur. We enjoyed the experience so much that we intend to repeat it elsewhere.

Couchsurfing guest in Malaysia

How to eat without going broke or starving

Street food. This is the best way to eat well and cheaply in Malaysia. If in India we avoided street stalls, here we don't avoid them. In addition to these places having acceptable hygiene standards (which doesn't happen in India), they also offer a good variety of dishes, ranging from Malaysian to Chinese food, including Indian. However, the most common dishes are traditional rice with chicken and noodles. Expect to pay between US$1 and US$3 for the banquet.

Chinese chicken rice in Malaysia

Can you afford a beer?

Bad news: if you can't do without a beer and have a tight budget like that, Malaysia won't be your favorite place. Taxes applied to alcohol in the country make drinks expensive even by European standards. In Kuala Lumpur, the average price was US$5 for a bottle of beer. The only salvation is in Langkawi. As the island is Duty Free, cans are sold for an incredible US$0.50.

Malaysia tourist attractions

You've reached the other side of the world, so one of the things you're unlikely to want to save money on is attraction tickets. The good news is that, with this budget, you can afford everything important, as fees are generally not very high. Climbing the Petrona Towers, Malaysia's main postcard, will possibly be your most expensive tour, costing around US$17.

Petrona Towers in Kuala Lumpur

An international student card can give you discounts at some museums, such as the Kuala Lumpur Islamic Museum.


Kuala Lumpur's excellent public transport system takes you to the city's main points, so there is no need for a taxi. It's also not expensive to get between cities and the buses are excellent. To fly within the country and to other destinations in Southeast Asia, take a look at Air Asia, an airline low-cost from Asia.

Malaysia on a budget: other tips

Unlike many parts of Asia, the Malaysian market operates on a fixed price basis, so haggling won't help you much in these parts. The exception is for street markets and Chinatowns.

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