Lindau: l'ultimo porto del sud

Lindau: the last port in the South


A charming city with the perfect combination between its past and present. This is Lindau, located on the shores of Lake Constance, with its island of the same name, and an incredible view of the Alps.

The old part of Lindau maintains the beauty of medieval cities and historical richness. Full of flowers, beautiful buildings and a captivating landscape, mixing the milder climate of southern Germany with the Alps in the background. Another point in favor of Lindau is that, as it is located on the banks of Lake Constance, which also overlooks Austria and Switzerland with its waters, when staying there, in addition to the traveler being able to enjoy the island, they can visit these two countries on tours back and forth.

Lake Constance

Lake Constance is the largest in Germany, 18 km, of the almost 540 km of lake are located in Lindau. The Bodensee, its name in German, is divided into two parts: the Obersee (upper lake), which is the part that passes through Lindau, and the Untersee (lower lake).

Lindau is the second largest island located in the magnitude of these waters, and to honor this title, this island has the most beautiful entrance to the harbor in the entire lake. The port, which is the last in Germany at its southern end, is one of the most striking parts of the city, with the majestic statue of the imposing Bavarian Lion in front of the New Lighthouse, the two guarding the port's entrance to the blue immensity of the lake of Constance.

Lindau, Lake Constance.

The New Lighthouse and the Bavarian Lion

At 36 meters high, with an unparalleled view of the lake and the island, Porto's New Lighthouse is a perfect spot to have a panoramic view of the region. There are 139 steps, which might scare you, but in the end it's worth it as the landscape is breathtaking!

The New Lighthouse was completed in 1856, and succeeded the Old Lighthouse (we'll talk about it in the next topic), which still remains in Lindau, close to the port, a preserved work of medieval art.

Bavarian Lion and the New Lighthouse, port of Lindau.

Mangturm Tower

The Old Lighthouse, also known as Mangturm Tower, was built in the 12th century, and once played an important role for the city of Lindau, as a defense and signaling fortification.

“Protect and defend the port”

This is the phrase written on the tower's wall, which recalls the time when it was part of the city's medieval fortifications. Today, the place can be visited, and not only the view from the top is enchanting, but also the various images distributed on the wall of the tower along the 5-story path, which tell facts about Lindau and Lake Constance.

If you see a 20-foot blonde braid coming from one of the tower's tall windows, then it's “Fairytale Time,” when one of the tower's rooms is filled with enchantment. It is at this moment that one of the three “fairytale aunts” narrates tales from the Brothers Grimm, with presentations that exude mystery and the playful world of children's stories.

The Old Lighthouse “Mangturm”, Lindau.

Our Lady's Cathedral

From the outside it looks simple, but inside… It's impossible not to fall in love with the incredible baroque art on its ceiling and the smallest details throughout the building.

Church of Our Lady, Lindau.

The library of the ancient imperial city

The place was opened in 1538 due to the search of Lindau residents for knowledge, after many cities started to build more libraries at the request of Martin Luther.

Its initial collection had around 100 books from a recently dissolved Franciscan monastery, today the library has more than 13,000 titles, including books on History, Theology, laws and Alchemy.

Some of the treasures in this library are some of the first printed documents and a color copy of the edition of the Bible translated by Martin Luther.

Lindau's old town hall

You won't regret including the old town hall in your itinerary! The colorful facade with its paintings depicting characters from everyday life and the city's history is stunning. Located in a prominent spot in Lindau, the town hall and its exterior are one of the city's most popular tourist attractions.

Construction was completed in 1436 and to this day the site is used for city meetings and committees, as well as guest receptions.

Lindau's Old Town Hall.

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