Official Palau Boat Schedules and Prices between Koror, Peleliu and Angaur


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Palau is a wonderful island and destination in Micronesia. It is the country where one of the most exclusive attractions in the world is located: Lagoa das Águas-Vivas! A lake where tourists can swim alongside thousands of jellyfish that don't burn! However, Palau is not an easily accessible place and like all countries in this region, it is made up of several islands. In the case of Palau, to make things easier, the main islands have government maritime connections.

Here are the Palau Islands that are connected by official boats

The main island of Palau. This is where the international airport, the capital Ngerulmud and the main city, Koror, are located.

Famous for the battles of the Second World War, it attracts tourists interested in fortifications and abandoned war equipment, as well as being an incredible diving destination. Be careful with mines and old ammunition due to the danger of explosions if you venture onto the island alone.

The small island south of Peleliu can be explored in its entirety in a few hours. It also has remains of war material from the Second World War.

Kayangel Atoll is made up of small islands and has a population of just 138 people. It is located north of Babedaob.

Connecting these islands are numerous private boats and small planes that can charge from US$50 to more than US$300 to transport you between them.

However, if like me you want to explore Palau at a low cost and save as much as possible on transport between the islands, there is the option of using Palau government boats that make these same routes at a much lower price than companies. private.

The connections are:

Babeldaob (Koror) – Peleliu

Babeldaob (Koror) – Angaur

Babeldaob (Koror) – Kayangel

Unfortunately there are no official connections between Peleliu and Angaur. In other words, to make this connection, you will either have to go by private boat from Peleliu to Angaur or go from Peleliu to Koror (Babeldaob) with the government boat and from there take another transport authority boat to Angaur. Or, if you want to venture out like we did (and please don't blame us if it doesn't work out), you can go to Peleliu and pray you find a friendly local to give you a ride to Angaur….though, probably not it will be as cheap as official boats.

The prices are very good. Some starting at just $5.00!

You don't need to make a reservation, but as there is a limit to the number of people who can go on the ship, the first to arrive will be the first to board, so it is advisable to arrive early to guarantee a place.

Below is the official table with all the times, dates and prices of trips made by State Transport Authorities boats from each of Palau's significant islands. There are also contact numbers if you want to confirm these times (which I recommend), as they can change without notice (especially in case of bad weather).

Angaur Peleliu Kayangel Koror Boat ScheduleAngaur Peleliu Kayangel Koror Boat ScheduleAngaur Peleliu Kayangel Koror Boat ScheduleAngaur Peleliu Kayangel Koror Boat Schedule

Using the government's official public boats is definitely the cheapest way to get between the islands of Palau.

In less than a month I will personally visit Palau and I will put much more information here for those who want to visit this paradise in an economical way or even backpack at the lowest possible cost.

So follow us and you'll know when we post more tourist information about Palau!


We just traveled to Palau and our trip was amazing!! And so that you can do the same, we have prepared The Definitive Guide to Saving Money When Traveling to Palau.

And also….8 Reasons to Visit the Palau.

In relation to this article and the boat schedules. The days are correct, but there may be some changes to the times. On one of the days we went to Peleliu, our boat left 2 hours later than what was scheduled in this table. So it's always best to give the Koror tourist center a call or visit it in advance to confirm opening times.

Furthermore, the ticket price for tourists between Koror and Peleliu has increased. It's US$15.00 per way.

If you know of any other changes, please post them in the comments area so we can keep this article updated.

Enjoy Palau!!

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