Restaurante da Catupiry, SP: Discover Empório Catupiry

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O Catupiry restaurantin São Paulo, which is called Catupiry Emporiumis a paradise for brand lovers, like me.

Located in the Barra Funda neighborhood, where its factory used to be and its headquarters, Empório Catupiry combines a restaurant with dishes made with Catupiry, including sweets, and a small shop with the brand's products.

In this post, we tell you everything you will find there. In addition, we talk about the prices of the main products.

Entrance to Empório Catupiry, Catupiry restaurant, in São Paulo
(Photo: This World is Ours)

Catupiry Restaurant: Discover the Catupiry Empório

I chose to have lunch at the Catupiry restaurant on a Friday after many years of delaying going there.

In fact, since I was a child I have always been passionate about the brand. The kind that fights to always have original Catupiry in homemade dishes and that changes pizzerias if they use another brand of cream cheese, but even so, it took me years to discover Empório Catupiry.

I definitely should have gone much sooner, as I really loved the restaurant.

What is Empório Catupiry like?

On a street without movement and not at all beautiful, there is the Catupiry restaurant. When we enter, we already get individual commands, which is great for those who go there in groups.

The store, which was previously called Delícias da Catupiry, has existed for more than 20 years, but was reopened in 2017 under the name Empório Catupiry.

Catupiry products displayed at Empório Catupiry
(Photo: This World is Ours)

Actually, the restaurant is very beautiful. It's not big, but when I went, although it was full, there were places to sit.

The Catupiry Restaurant

First of all, it's worth registering: I found the prices very attractive. I'll talk about the main ones here.

Chicken drumstick and kibbeh displayed in a showcase
(Photo: This World is Ours)

To start, I chose a coxinha of the chicken whith catupiry (R$ 8.90). It was the most expensive item on the menu. I'm passionate about coxinha and I loved the one there. I just wish the catupiry was a little separated from the chicken so you could taste the cream cheese even more, but it was delicious. I would eat again.

Afterwards, we ordered the main dishes. I chose the gnocchi stuffed with catupiry (R$ 34.90) and it was great. It comes with a lot of filling. We also ask for the chicken parmigiana (R$ 39.90), which was good, but a little hard, and Eggplant parmigiana (R$ 40.90), which was also delicious.

Empório Catupiry's menu

*Prices checked in January 2023.

The menu is quite extensive and mainly has pasta, but there are also salads (from R$ 19.90) and cassava soup with dried meat and catupiry (R$ 34.90). Furthermore, it has polpetone stuffed (R$ 38.90).

People sitting at tables in a Catupiry restaurant, Empório Catupiry
(Photo: This World is Ours)

Among the masses there are canelloni green with mozzarella and catupiry (R$ 34.90), ham and catupiry lasagna (R$ 36.90), Rondelli of spinach and catupiry (R$ 34.90), conchiglia of four cheeses with catupiry (R$ 34.90) and much more.

In the case of pasta, you can choose between sugo, four-cheese, bolognese or funghi sauces.

In fact, it's good to remember that everything there comes with catupiry.

See the full menu.

Snacks and snacks with Catupiry

What I found coolest is that you can go to the Catupiry restaurant at any time of the day, as it even sells grilled bread with catupiry (R$ 7.50), cheese bread (R$ 6.50), bread potato (R$ 8.90) and kibbeh (R$ 8.90).

In addition, there is a croissant with catupiry (R$ 7.90), leek quiche (R$ 7.90) and much more.

Sweets with catupiry

Now, if you like to be daring, at the Catupiry restaurant, this is possible lol, as there are many sweets made with curd cheese. I bought the mini pudding with catupiry (R$ 10.90), but there is also brigadeiro cake with catupiry (R$ 10.90), red velvet (R$ 11.90) and brigadeiro without catupiry (R$ 6.50).

Furthermore, the menu includes frozen catupiry (in fact, I was dying to try it) and coffees.

Shop at Empório Catupiry

Furthermore, in Catupiry Emporium There are all brand products. There's coxinha, cheese bread, pizza, quiche, quibe and much more. There are also ready-made sauces and frozen pasta, such as gnocchi and Rondellifor example.

Refrigerator with frozen products, such as coxinha and pasta, cottage cheese and cheese
(Photo: This World is Ours)

There are also all curd cheeses, catupiry in tubes, catupiry in a round pot and cheeses. In fact, there's even a 1.5 kg catupiry. I confess that this is my dream to have at home lol.

But I thought the prices charged there were a little higher than those found in supermarkets.

History of Catupry

It was at the beginning of the 20th century, in LambariMinas Gerais, that Italian immigrants Mario It is Rosa Silvestrini created Catupiry.

Everything came from a family recipe. The couple sold the curd wrapped in cellophane paper. With the success of selling the product, the brand soon expanded. Until 1949, it opened a factory in São Paulo.

There are more than 110 years of history taking requeijão throughout Brazil and some other countries around the world.

Do you have any questions or do you have more tips about the Catupiry restaurant in São Paulo? Leave us comments!

Frequently asked questions about Empório Catupiry

Where is Empório Catupiry?

It is located at Av. Rudge, 218, in Barra Funda, in São Paulo.

Is Empório Catupiry expensive?

No. The prices at Empório Catupiry are good. There are pasta, for example, for R$ 34.90.

Is there parking at Empório Catupiry?

There is no parking there. There are usually spaces on the street, but the ideal is to take an Uber.

Catupiry Emporium
Avenida Rudge, 218 – Barra Funda – São Paulo, SP
Monday to Friday: from 9:20 am to 6:00 pm.
Saturday: 10am to 3pm
Tel.: 11 – 3199-5681
No parking

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