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The largest city on Lake Constance, unique and unmissable. Its historic center, the view of the Alps and the lakes of Constance and Rhine make the region spectacular!

The city is located in southern Germany and on the shore of Lake Constance. This lake borders Austria, the principality of Liechtenstein and Switzerland. This proximity allows visitors to take a break to discover other countries and cultures.

Rheintorturm, Konstanz.

Council of Constance

The Council of Constance took place between the years 1414 and 1418, it was marked by bringing the end of the Western Schism and by the use of dialogue in the midst of religious, political and social conflicts that were happening throughout Europe, such as the War of the Hundred Years. The Western schism occurred due to tension between 3 different elected popes – one in France, one in Rome and one in the Holy Roman Empire – when in fact there should have been just one. The solution to this problem was taken at the Council of Constance by electing a new pope and reestablishing the traditional seat of the papacy only in Rome.

The controversial Imperia statue, in the port of Konstanz, which references the Council of Constance.

Mainau Island

The stunning island is a paradise for lovers of flowers and colors. The care taken with every detail of the place is enchanting! Mainau has a diversity of flowers, trees and plants, such as roses, hydrangeas, agaves, bougainvillea, sequoias, among others. However, this is not “just” what the tour offers, there is also the Casa de Palmeiras, which has more than 10 species of this wonderful tree and the Baroque Palace. Another highlight is the second largest butterfly garden in Germany, with around 120 species from different continents. Have you ever thought about observing the entire life cycle of butterflies? Or see different types of this beautiful insect? In addition to these attractions, the island has great restaurants.

Mainau Island

Treasures of the past in Constance

If there's one thing that Constance doesn't lack, it's historical memories. Stilt houses or “pile housing” have been found on the banks of alpine lakes, some dating back to the Bronze Age! The “Constance-hinterhausen”, the “Litzelstetten-krähenhorn” and the “Wollmatingen-langenrain”, are the archaeological sites that prove ancient human habitation in the region.

At Pfahlbauten Konstanz, the open-air museum on Lake Constance, these ancient dwellings were recreated, where visitors can explore the place and learn up close how the inhabitants lived in this same region thousands of years ago.

Pfahlbauten Museum, not Lake Constance.

Underwater marine life tunnel

At Sea Life in Constance, visitors will find around 3500 species of marine animals, including turtles, rays, piranha fish, penguins, and many incredible experiences! The traveler is led along a path, which passes through the Rhine River, alpine glaciers, Lake Constance, the Red Sea, among other environments. There is also an interactive part, where you can go behind the scenes of the aquariums and participate in lectures, in which you will discover interesting and curious facts about each species.

Sea Life Tunnel in Constance. Source: Wikipedia. Author: Vlad Shtelts

Cathedral of Our Lady (Konstanz Münster)

What was once a Roman ruin began to become the charming church we see today from the 7th century onwards. Its medieval staircase (St. Tomas Chancel), benches (East Chancel), chapel and Gothic entrance doors are some of the highlights. The cathedral was a meeting place during the period of the Council of Constance, and today it hosts plays, festivals and concerts.

Cathedral of Our Lady

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