La valle del fiume Mosella

The Mosel River Valley


The third largest German wine region is the Mosel River Valley, which in addition to producing excellent Riesling wines, has spectacular landscapes, with small towns and charming villages, medieval castles and, of course, beautiful vineyards.

Although the Mosel River passes through other countries, the German section is between Trier and Koblenz, where the Mosel River cuts through the ground forming curves, in a beautiful valley.

One of the most famous winding bends of the River Mosel.

In addition to the high quality of the wines produced in the region, its vineyards are located on the banks of the slopes of the River Mosel, where both a visit to the vineyards and a boat trip become a wonderful trip.

The Mosel region was inhabited by the Romans, where there are records that it was the site with the highest concentration of Roman finds from the 3rd and 4th centuries. The Romans not only settled there, but also started viticulture on the slopes of the Mosel River valley more than two thousand years ago. For those who want to delve deeper into the history of the Romans on the Mosel, there is the cultural route “Straßen der Römer” (Roads of the Romans), a network with different interesting points linked to the Romans who lived there.

However, the Mosel is not only attractive for its great wines and beautiful ancient vineyards, some of its small towns that follow its winding path are a great option for tours. The half-timbered houses, cathedrals and historic centers attract curious visitors to explore these gems.

Bernkastel-Kues, no valley on the Moselle.

Among the beautiful cities that we can visit on the Mosel, one of them is Cochem, which, in addition to being enchanting, has a majestic medieval castle, which after centuries, continues to crown it, Reischsburg.

The city of Cochem and the Reichsburg.

Another attraction that attracts the eyes of visitors is the castle that stands on top of a hill next to the Mosel River, maintaining its imposing structures, overlooking the waters that have flowed there for so many centuries. This is one of the most beautiful in Germany, the Eltz castle, which is extremely well preserved and open for visitors.

Eltz Castle.

However, one of the most striking points of this beautiful river is Koblenz. In the place where the River Mosel meets the imposing River Rhine. The place is called Deutsches Eck, and there is a magnificent monument in honor of William I, the first German emperor, who played a fundamental role in German unification.

Deutsches Eck, Koblenz.

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