Le meraviglie del Bodensee (Lago di Costanza)

The wonders of Bodensee (Lake Constance)


Situated at a very unusual point, the triple border between Germany, Austria and Switzerland, crossed by the mighty Rhine River, Lake Bodensee, also known as Lake Constance, is one of the wonders that is worth the traveler's visit. With more than 536 km2 in area, this giant is the largest lake in Germany and in some places is up to 252 m deep.

Sunset in Friedrichshafen, on the shores of Lake Constance – perfect setting for a late afternoon, with one of the most beautiful sunsets in Germany

At Bodensee, the traveler has a unique view, of the combination between the clear blue of the lake and the Alps.

A curious frontier

Interestingly, the principality of Liechtenstein is also part of this undelineated border that is the Bodensee. The borders around Lake Constance are marked, but not on the lake's territory. This is because each country has a different view on the issue and at the end of the day, the Bodensee area is a kind of shared condominium between these countries.

The colorful flowers on the island Mainau, in Konstanz – Here, the traveler is welcomed with stunning gardens and flower sculptures, like these friendly ducklings

Or what to visit not Bodensee

And it's not just its numbers that are impressive, in addition to being one of the most beautiful landscapes in Germany, this lake has charming refuges and options for all traveler profiles. In Constancythe most popular city on the banks of the lake, we find a beautiful promenade with options for shops, bars and restaurants and independent musicians performing performances that will make you pause your stroll to enjoy a pleasant moment.

Entrance to the port of the city of Konstanz on Lake Constance

Arriving in Meersburg, travelers will discover a very different city, with a relief that provides a fantastic panoramic view of Lake Constance. In addition to other interesting historical points to be visited, Meersburg Castle stands out, considered the oldest inhabited castle in Germany, with the central tower dating back to the 7th century. On our guided tours, we recommend lunch at one of the restaurants with a privileged view, and a late afternoon ferry ride, admiring the sunset in this magnificent setting full of vineyards, will be rewarding.

The city of Meersburg on Lake Constance

If you want to visit a beautiful city, with remarkable monuments, then Lindau It will be worth your visit. At the entrance to its beautiful harbor, protected by the New Lighthouse and magnificent Bavarian Lion, the clear waters of the Bodensee once again surprise visitors. As you enter the city, its architecture preserved in several facades, the lime trees along the streets, among other highlights, will take the traveler on a wonderful tour. A Maximilianstrassenamed after King Maximilian I of Bavaria, is the main street in the historic center of Lindau, where travelers will enjoy the cafes, ice cream shops and stroll through the surrounding alleys.

Lindau: the lighthouse and the Bavarian Lion mark the entrance to the city.

For those visiting the Bodensee, Mainau is a surprising discovery. Known as “Flower Island”, Mainau is a large flower garden, with its roses, orchids, giant sequoias, butterflies, just to name a few attractions, in addition to light trails and landscapes to be explored and discovered by travelers on a beautiful tour. A day that can be shared by children and the elderly, in different settings.

Mainau Island, the Island of Flowers, with its gardens open to visitors all year round

In addition to the cities mentioned that are touched by the Bodensee, the lake itself is the best of all attractions, without forgetting that being close to Austria and Switzerland provides the possibility of visiting these two countries in a day trip.

Picnic on the banks of the Bodensee, prepared by us for a very special family of travelers.

In its clear waters, a boat trip with the Alps in the background is sensational! For a beautiful panoramic guided tour, the cable car ride over Lake Constance It is unmissable, with an unparalleled view!

For those who want more exclusive experiences, we offer, among other options, to take a private airship tourAfter all, there is nothing more appropriate than admiring this beautiful lake from an airship, since Ferdinand Von Zeppelin, father of this means of transport, was born in Konstanz.