Tip on accommodation in South Africa


Check out this new post written by André Araújo, tourism consultant and journalist, for the best accommodation tip in South Africa so you can have an authentic experience there without losing comfort!

Tip on accommodation in South Africa

Accommodation tip in South Africa: camping with all the comforts at Africamps

Many people enjoy camping and having direct contact with nature on their trips – however, most of the time, comfort leaves something to be desired. But in the most desert region of South Africa, in Outdshoorn, it is possible to camp perfectly and in a super comfortable way without giving up wild contact.

I present to you the fantastic Africamps, which is ten minutes from Outdshoorn and provides the unique experience of being in the middle of a desert with a fabulous view and the comfort of a bed & breakfast with air conditioning, swimming pool and spacious rooms. All this without losing the rusticity and African charm!

The Africamps tents have capacity for up to five people and have two rooms with heating/air conditioning – the beds even have an electric heated blanket for colder nights!

Tip on accommodation in South Africa

The full kitchen that shares space with the living room has a stove and refrigerator, as well as a fireplace – an essential item for cold desert nights. The bathroom is spacious and has a hot shower and even heated water on tap!

And, as if that wasn't enough, there is also a small closet in the rooms to store suitcases and extra blankets for the coldest tourists.

Tip on accommodation in South Africa

The place also has an extra charm: a large wooden deck with table and chairs facing a calm lake, which creates the ideal landscape for enjoying the sunset in the arid South African lands.

The tents are fixed and there are approximately 12 on site. They are located far from each other to guarantee guest privacy. To make the experience even more unique, some animals such as antelopes and gazelles live peacefully in the region.

Tip on accommodation in South Africa

And the breakfast? It is charged separately and comes in a rustic crate with a variety of items, from muffins, jams, butter, bread, juice, bottled milk, among other delicacies. Next to the tent, there is a kind of stone barbecue that must (I suspect) also serve as a fireplace.

The place also has a communal pool for those traveling there in the African summer. And, to get there, the dirt roads are well lit: they all have glass jars on stakes that are, in fact, lamps. At the top of these pots, there are solar energy plates that guarantee the brightness of the environment at night.

Tip on accommodation in South Africa

All of this makes the tourist experience unique – it is very pleasant to be able to camp for a few days with all the exuberant nature of Outdshoorn around us, with its reddish-toned mountains and undergrowth and the comfort of a hotel.

This is comfortable and exotic accommodation, in an unusual city, considering that few Brazilians visit the region. And, as if that weren't enough, the price is affordable and the place is great value for money, considering all the advantages it offers. Even more so if you share the cost with other guests, traveling with friends or family!

Tip on accommodation in South Africa

What to do in Outdshoorn?

Being the ostrich capital of the world, visitors cannot miss the opportunity to see them! There are visits to ostrich farms that can be booked directly at Africamps headquarters like I did.

Accommodation tip in South Africa_ostriz

Another interesting tour is to visit the meerkats' natural habitat. To take this tour, you will have to wake up early, board a 4×4 Landcruise and drive a few kilometers to the reserve where they live.

Breakfast is included in the tour and is served on the hood of the jeep under the curious eyes of the animals. Then, the safari takes place, where you can enjoy the wildlife and the graceful meerkats. This tour was also booked on Africamps.

Tip on accommodation in South Africa

Where to eat?

Outdshoorn proved to be one of the cheapest destinations in South Africa, especially when it comes to gastronomy. I recommend trying the Bobotie (typical South African food) and the ostrich meat pizza. Karuza and Old Mill Restaurant are good options.

Useful Tips:

Website: https://www.africamps.com/farm/oudtshoorn-klein-karoo/
Price: From 1,090.00 Rand (according to season)

– Bring a coat! If the heat prevails during the day, after sunset the temperature drops a lot and even in the morning it is usually cold.
– Don’t forget to bring sunscreen!
– No need to worry about mosquitoes – I wasn’t bothered by any annoying insects.
– It is possible to do wine tastings in the region, book directly at the wineries!

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Post written by André Araújo – Tourism Consultant & Journalist

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