Ulm e la cattedrale che un tempo era la più grande del mondo

Ulm and the cathedral that was once the largest in the world


Located in the state of Baden-Württemberg, the city of Ulm is one of the main cities in the region, being bathed by the Danube River, it was once a free imperial city.

View of Ulm and the river Danube.

Ulm's cathedral is its main tourist attraction, rising above the city's landscape. Its construction began in 1377 and was only completed in 1890, when it became the tallest building in the world, holding the title for 11 years.

Ulm Cathedral.

However, Ulm reserves much more than its beautiful cathedral for its visitors. Founded around the 9th century, the city of Ulm was a great meeting point between commercial routes, which brought it much prosperity and visits from influential people, including emperors. It had its heyday in the Low Middle Ages, and was severely hit by bombings during World War II.

Fortunately, the city preserves many works from its past, such as the Fisherman's Quarter, the medieval neighborhood of fishermen and tanners (tanner craftsmen), which rose in the 15th century during the expansion of trade along the Danube River. When strolling through the streets of this historic neighborhood, visitors take an incredible journey into the past.

Fischerviertel, Ulm.

Another heritage from the 15th century that we can still visit today is the Schiefes Haus, the inn that, more than 600 years old, has an impressive forward lean, giving the impression that it could collapse at any moment. Still, the historic inn remains standing, serving everything from ship captains in its heyday to a hotel today.

Leaning House, Ulm. Font: Wikipedia. Author: subway rental

Wiblingen Abbey is also one of Ulm's masterpieces, being founded in the 11th century. This former Benedictine abbey is now one of the departments of the University of Ulm. The beauty of this building is not only in its exterior, but highlighted in its internal wings later renovated in the Rococo style, with marble columns, frescoes and plaster work.

Wiblingen Abbey Library, Ulm. Source: Flickr. Author: Michael Vogt

One of the most visited spots by travelers in Ulm is the Altes Rathaus, the town hall built in the 14th century, with magnificent painted panels on its facade, which depict important past events in the city's history.

Old town hall, Ulm.

The contrast between past and present is easily observed in Ulm, with beautiful modern buildings such as the Synagogue with its magnificent Star of David-shaped windows and the city library.

Ulm Synagogue.

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