Ciò che Stoccarda ha da mostrarti

What Stuttgart has to show you


Known as the German car capital, Stuttgart has much more to offer.

Stuttgart has its beginnings in the 10th century. The city is the capital of the state of Baden-Württemberg and the sixth largest in Germany. Its countless beautiful historic buildings form a wonderful contrast with the most modern buildings – a reflection of the reconstruction after the Second World War, in which 45% of the city was destroyed.

Schlossplatz square is one of the main meeting points in the city of Stuttgart. Photo: © Stuttgart-Marketing GmbH (Jean-Claude Winkler)

Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and Bosch, world-renowned for representing the quality of Made in Germany, have their headquarters in Stuttgart. This makes the city a major international hub, albeit discreet, compared to other major cities in Germany. With a peculiar topography, between hills and vineyards, Stuttgart and its good-natured inhabitants will be a pleasant surprise on your trip.

Local delicacies

Market hall

Marketthalle. Source: Wikipedia. Author: Thomas Wolf.

Many travelers include Stuttgart on their itinerary to taste its unique cuisine. At the Markthalle, the traveler will find a multitude of German delicacies and fresh products. The ingredients for a traditional German meal can be found in a huge variety. From the most demanding taste lovers, to the best chefs will be here to buy their products. It's also worth visiting to see the Art Nouveau architecture, now listed as a historic monument.

Other gastronomic options

While several Biertgartens in the city will welcome you to sip Amber Ale and original German beer, for those who want sophisticated restaurants, the city offers several Michelin-starred restaurants. But remember to visit the typical local restaurants, with their simple, hearty and delicious dishes.

Exquisite architecture

Schloss Solitude

Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart, Germany
Schloss Solitude. Source: Wikipedia. Author: Harke.

The Solitude Palace (Schloss) in Stuttgart is considered Duke Carl Eugen's most demanding and probably the most personal creation, built with neoclassical and rococo architecture. The magnificent architectural complex was built on a discreet hill on the outskirts of Stuttgart – and offers a wonderful view north towards Ludwigsburg.

Since 1990, the Akademie Schloss Solitude has been housed on the castle grounds to promote young talent. The Fritz von Graevenitz Museum, with works by the Stuttgart sculptor, is located in another annex.

A great tour for art and architecture lovers, or simply for travelers who want to contemplate a beautiful work from the past.

Ludwigsburg Palace

Ludwigsburg Palace. Source: Pixabay

North of Stuttgart is Ludwigsburg Palace. A huge palace with four wings, the largest Baroque palace in Germany and one of the largest in Europe. Inside, there is a large courtyard and gardens, as well as two churches, more than 450 rooms, and the oldest palace theater in Europe.

Every October, the Pumpkin Festival. Throughout the palace's baroque garden, visitors will see sculptures made with different types of pumpkins, according to the year's theme. The festival is also internationally known for the contest in which farmers from different countries display their giant pumpkins and even records are broken, for the largest and heaviest pumpkins in the world!

For car lovers

Mercedes-Benz Museum

One of the most visited places in Stuttgart is the Mercedes-Benz Museum.

Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart. Photo: Travel Germany

An impressive structure designed to maximize space and proudly displays 160 vehicles from the most varied eras and designs!

On 16,500 square meters on 9 levels and more than 1,500 exhibits. They are divided into Legend and Collection rooms.