Cosa fare a Francoforte

What to do in Frankfurt


Frankfurt is one of the largest urban centers in Germany, being a destination for many travelers, whether to use its airport, which offers direct flights to Brazil. However, many travelers have no idea what to do in Frankfurt, and a great option is to visit its incredible museums.

Jewish Museum Frankfurt (Jüdisches Museum Frankfurt)

The Jewish Museum Frankfurt and its branch, the Judengasse Museum, which is next to the old Jewish cemetery, showcase the historical development and religious culture of the Jewish communities that lived in the city between the 12th and 20th centuries. Before Frankfurt's Jewish community suffered persecution from the Nazi regime, it was the second largest in Germany. The Jewish Museum has assembled an extensive Jewish collection with objects kept by Holocaust survivors from various regions of Europe. One of the rare pieces that dates back is an incredible relic, a Hanukkah lamp made by Johann Valentin Schüler in the 17th century.

Hanukkah lamp made by Johann Valentin Schüler. Source: Wikipedia. Author: Museum of Art and History of Judaism

Another interesting point is the collection dedicated to Anne Frank's family, who lived in Frankfurt. The collection includes objects from the Frank family, as well as related families (Elias, Cahn and Stern), such as letters, photos, furniture, paintings, among others.

Experiminta ScienceCenter

For those who are traveling with children, a great option is the Expiriminta science museum. With interactive exhibitions, workshops and lots of fun, our little travelers will have their minds sparked by curiosity and knowledge. Although the focus of this museum is children, fun is also guaranteed for adults. A trip for the whole family!

In the permanent exhibition, travelers will find an invitation to playfully explore the laws of mechanics, mathematics and optics. Over 130 experimental stations, you can rest on a fakir's bed with hundreds of nails, enter wind tunnels, among others. Impressive shows are also offered by the scientific programs, ranging from a fire tornado to freezing soap bubbles, which take place several times a month.

One of Experiminta's interactive rooms. Source: Wikipedia. Author: Own Work

Städel Museum

This is a favorite of ours! Founded by banker and businessman Johann Friedrich Städel in 1815, the museum that bears his name is the oldest museum in Germany, as well as being home to one of the most important art collections in the world, covering more than seven hundred years of European art from the beginning of the 14th century to the present, with works from the Renaissance, Baroque, modern art and much more.

“Portrait of a Young Woman”, by Botticcelli – one of the unmissable works at the Städel Museum in Frankfurt

Among the highlights of the Städel museum are Botticelli with his muse Simonetta Vespucci in “Portrait of a Young Woman”, as well as “The Geographer” by the Dutchman Vermeer, as well as “The Musicians of the Orchestra” by Edgar Degas, just to name a few. Other famous artists you'll find at the Städel: Lucas Cranach, Rodin, Renoir, Tiziano, Rubens, Rembrandt… I think you've already whetted your appetite for a cultural tour in Frankfurt!

Städel Museum. Fonte: GNTB

Liebieghaus Museum

Close to the Städel museum, we have the former Wilhelminian villa of Baron von Liebig, with one of the most beautiful gardens in Frankfurt, which are the setting for the magnificent Liebieghaus sculpture museum. Featuring more than 5,000 years of sculptural history, the traveler is invited to explore the works and the building itself.

Liebieghaus Museum, Frankfurt. Photograph: ©#visitfrankfurt @HolgerUllmann

The fantastic collection contains more than 3,000 sculptures from the period from ancient Egypt to classicism. The house, specializing in sculpture, is one of the most important sculpture museums in the world.

Frankfurt Communication Museum (Museum für Kommunikation Frankfurt)

Where there was the Federal Postal Museum, today we find the nostalgic and interesting Communication Museum.

The award-winning museum building gives the traveler a fascinating insight into the history of communications. We can highlight the large collection and the variety of activities offered, such as workshops, for children.

In the permanent exhibition, “The media tells their stories”, there are 2500 m² dedicated to the history of communications. Here, you can discover a wealth of treasures from the history of German postal and telecommunications – from the traditional African drum to the post office and the internet! Furthermore, the roof of the museum houses a radio station that can be visited on several days of the week.

Interior of a German postal service carriage, at the Museum für Kommunikation Frankfurt. Source: Wikipedia. Author: KlausMiniwolf

Frankfurt Archaeological Museum (Kaiserpfalz Franconofurd – Archäologisches Museum)

For those who want something to do in Frankfurt, but don't want to buy tickets, a good free tour is to visit Frankfurt's archaeological museum.

Interior of the Frankfurt Archaeological Museum. Source: Wikipedia. Author: Carole Raddato.

The museum is dedicated to preserving and displaying discoveries of importance to the city of Frankfurt and the region to visitors. Among the excavations, the Roman city of NIDA-Heddernheim in the old town of Frankfurt was found. The traveler will spend time discovering curiosities, getting to know objects and imagining the reality of these people who lived so long ago in what is now this great financial and urban center in Germany.