Dónde comer pizza en São Paulo

Where to eat pizza in São Paulo

South America

São Paulo has the reputation of being the address of some of the best pizzerias in the country – And it is not for nothing. With a high incidence of Italian immigration In SP since the beginning of the century, you can find different styles of pizza. From square ones to those sold in slices; from the Neapolitan to the Roman. As the 10th of July is celebrated Pizza Day, we selected pizzerias that dedicate themselves to different styles so that you can celebrate the date! Therefore, in this post you will know where to eat pizza in São Paulo.

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Where to eat pizza in São Paulo

Botany cafe

Only at dinner, the Pinheiros and Jardins do Botany cafeoffer a special menu dedicated to Pizza Day, round served in the Neapolitan style and prepared in a wood-fired oven. Among the flavors, you can enjoy Carbonara, Parma and even vegetarian options such as Caramelized Onion, Zucchini, Gorgonzola and sweet and sour Beetroot. In other words, a tip on where to eat pizza for all tastes!

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End: Alameda Lorena, 1765 – Gardens (Units in Butantã, Pinheiros and Barra Funda)

Pizza Carbonara do Botanikafé


To celebrate the love for one of the most consumed dishes in the world, Braz launches Carola, which is half pizza, half calzone. Available in different flavors and combinations, the special suggestion for the date is the escarole, black olive and parmesan filling for the calzone, and the Imigrante, which has Italian tomato sauce, sopressata, Pallone diGravina cheese and confit tomatoes for the part of pizza (R$ 110).

Bráz Elettrica

Sponsored by Anthony Falcoa pizzaiolo who made history at the legendary Roberta's, in New York, the restaurant serves, from lunch until late at night, individual discs of light dough covered in flavors such as, for example, Shroomz, with roasted mushrooms, buffalo mozzarella, gorgonzola, garlic and lemon. The pizzas are baked in a Neapolitan electric oven and are ideal for eating with your hands. Plus, the service is fastos Orders are placed at the counter and removed from the oven. Certainly a good choice to take advantage of the Pizza Day!

End: Rua dos Pinheiros, 220

where to eat pizza in São Paulo

Da Mooca Pizza Shop

A combination of a Roman pizzeria with an ingredients and accessories store for making homemade pizzas. This is the concept of Fellipe Zanuto for the From Mooca. The pizzas sold there follow the Roman tradition of sliced ​​pizza. In other words, the slices are 20 cm wide, the customer chooses the height, it is weighed and charged immediately. This tall and fluffy dough, which is very reminiscent of focaccia, ferments for 48 hours and is baked slowly in a low oven.

End: Rua Fradique Coutinho, 154

where to eat pizza in São Paulo


Opened in 2013, the Light typically serves individual pizzas napoletanas and baked in a wood-fired oven at 450 degrees. The dough, made from natural fermentation and Italian flour, is made using the Neapolitan technique. Disks are opened manually. Furthermore, the ingredients are all artisanal and several are imported from Italy.

End: Rua Capitão Pinto Ferreira, 248

where to eat pizza in São Paulo

The Serena

The Italian restaurant no shopping JK Iguatemiinspired by the fascinating spirit of the Italian Riviera, presents a Menu de Pizzas served at dinner and weekends. The natural fermentation rounds are individual, baked in a stone oven and come in 4 versions made with ingredients of excellent origin such as, for example, goat cheese, stracciatella, pistachio pesto, mortadella negroni and black truffles.

Central Naples

Meanwhile, another excellent representative of Pizza certified by AVPN. Napoli Centrale is located in the gastronomic wing of Mercado de Pinheiros. The chefs in charge of the house, Marcos Livi from Rio Grande do Sul and Gil Guimarães from Brasilia, constantly guarantee new flavors and formats. There you can find a star-shaped pizza, a calzone or even a fried pizza and stuffed, for example. A good choice for Pizza Dayhein!

End: Rua Pedro Cristi, 89 – Pinheiros (Units in Brooklin and Panamby)

Panificio Luce

The restaurant Panificio Luce launches Roman pizzas served all day in Jardins. Rodolfo Nunes, an experienced baker chef, has just included 4 versions with a rectangular shape, made from natural fermentation dough, crispier and lighter: Crudo, Margherita, Quatro Quejos and Primavera. The restaurant also has great starters like, for example, breaded burrata.

End: Alameda Tietê, 161

QT Pizza Bar

To celebrate the World Pizza Day, celebrated on July 10th, QT Pizza Bar prepared special rounds. Pizzaiolo, Felipe Xeder, created three commemorative flavors that will be served not only on the 10th, but throughout the month of July. Inspired by the June climate: Pork with Mi (R$ 50), Queijin (R$ 55). For dessert, the suggestion is Paçoca (R$ 42).

End: Alameda Ministro Rocha Azevedo, 1096

Villa Rome

Different from others city ​​pizzeriasthe disk called crispy-pizza it is made at Villa Roma without adding eggs, milk and oil. The latter was replaced with olive oil. Furthermore, the pizzas They are on average 50% less caloric than traditional ones. After roasting, it comes to the table very thin and crispy. From traditional to more elaborate, pizzas They appear in more than 50 flavors there.

End: Alameda Jaú, 1191 – Jardins


On the night of July 10th, the Veridiana Pizzeria (winner of the Pizzeria of the Year award, by Prazeres da Mesa magazine) will present three new creations to celebrate. Moving away from the norm, the Crema de Zucchini, Pancetta and Ricotta and the Due Funghi e Canastra, on the dessert menu the Pizzetta Tatin, pays homage to the classic French recipe of baked apples.

End: Rua Dona Veridiana, 661 – Higienópolis (Units in Jardins and Perdizes)


The net Vino! under the command of businessman Raphael Zanette, it is a success among wine lovers across the country and presents pizza options during lunch hours, all with natural fermentation dough, made with flour imported directly from Italy, which goes through a process in 40 hour fermentation before opened. Among the house options: Carprese!, Burrata and Pomodoro!, Tuscany! and Broccoli and Bacon!

End: Rua Fradique Coutinho, 47 – Pinheiros

Therefore, with so many interesting options for where to eat pizza in São Paulo, it will be easy to enjoy the Pizza Day in the most delicious way possible!

By Tamyris Roxo and Duda Vétere

Photos: Tamyris Roxo and Disclosure