[ad_1] 10 countries with the most FEMALE billionaires; India on 5th spot!

Mar 8, 2024

10 countries with the most FEMALE billionaires; India on 5th spot!

Priya Srivastava

Female leaders

The world of billionaires is often dominated by men, but there's a rising tide of female entrepreneurs leaving their mark in various countries. And India is on the fifth spot in the list!


USA (97)

As of now, the United States leads the list with 97 female billionaires. Known for its dynamic business environment and diverse industries, the USA offers ample opportunities for women entrepreneurs.


China (42)

China has secured the number two spot in the prestigious list with 42 female billionaires. With its rapid economic growth, many Chinese women have found success in various industries, including technology, real estate, and manufacturing.


Germany (22)

Germany is home to 22 female billionaires! With a strong emphasis on engineering, manufacturing, and innovation, German women have made a significant mark in building successful businesses.


Italy (19)

Italy has 19 female billionaires. The country is noted for its fashion, design, and luxury industries.


India (15)

India has made it to the top five with 15 female billionaires! Despite several challenges, Indian women have emerged as powerful business leaders in various sectors.


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Hong Kong (10)

Hong Kong features 10 female billionaires. As a global financial hub with a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem, Hong Kong has provided opportunities for women.


Australia and Switzerland (9)

Australia and Switzerland are home to 9 female billionaires. Women from these two nations women have made significant contributions to their country's economy.


Brazil and Spain (8)

Brazil and Spain have 8 female billionaires. With their vast reserves of natural resources and a growing technology sector, Brazilian and Spanish women have achieved notable success.


France and Sweden (7)

France and Sweden boast 7 female billionaires each. With a diverse economy, French and Swedish women have built successful businesses across various sectors.


Canada and South Korea (6)

Canada and South Korea are on the number 10 spot with 6 women billionaires in each nation.


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