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7 Places Straight Out Of Disney Movie

7 Places Straight Out Of A
Disney Movie

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One of the prettiest places to visit in Slovenia. Aquamarine lake, castle perched on a cliff, and the centerpiece of Bled Island, makes it a magical spot

Lake Bled, Europe

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Heading 2

The 611-foot-tall double cascade that flows through Oregon's lush Columbia River Gorge makes us want to take a hike—literally

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This castle in Germany has become one of the most instagrammable places. It sits on top of the hill surrounded by thick forest, adding to the mysterious feel


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Loved Venice and Gondola rides? Then, Colmar must be in your bucket list. Even, Walt Disney would approve of this city of timber houses, colourful facades and canal


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This picturesque fairy town with its colourful buildings, cobble-stoned streets, church steeples, backdrop of the Alps, beckons all nature-lovers 

Hallstatt, Austria

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Manarola's brightly hued homes seem to be hanging precariously onto the cliffs, but it's managed to keep from crashing into the sea for almost 700 years. Could it be magic?


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This tree-lined road in Northern Ireland famously appeared in Game of Thrones. It looks like it was plucked from a storybook's scariest pages


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