5 consejos para salidas en Berlín que van más allá de lo convencional

5 tips for outings in Berlin that go beyond the conventional

Guided tour in Berlin - What to see in Berlin, Brandenburg Gate
Statue of the Greek goddess Irene, goddess of peace, above the Brandenburg Gate, Berlin.

Berlin is the favorite destination for Brazilian travelers when visiting Germany. Its wide range of museums, historical tourist attractions, wide variety of attractions for all tastes is well known, however there are some other places, not so well known, that delight its visitors.

We are going to present 5 places in Berlin that are not the obvious ones that you need to know! Come for a walk in Berlin!

Berlin underworlds

Walking along the major avenues and seeing its beautiful monuments is already a great experience, but getting to know underground Berlin is fantastic!

On this incredible journey below the streets, the traveler will visit one of the bunkers used in the Second War and the Cold War, and learn a little more about what life was like in these places.

From those who appreciate Engineering, Architecture, History, to those who feel inspired by macabre places, this attraction can be analyzed from different perspectives.

There are several options for guided tours, with different themes and prices, certainly one of the most complete, well-preserved and interesting bunkers to discover.

We carry out guided tours in Portuguese of many other monuments related to the Second World War in Berlin.

Underground station in the Berlin Unterwelten. Source: Wikipedia. Author: SP2011.

Rooftop Bikini Berlin

At the Bikini Berlin shopping mall, the traveler, in addition to being able to shop, can visit the bars and restaurants located there, both for a meal and to enjoy a drink. However, what sets this attraction apart is the spectacular view that some of the establishments have of the Berlin Zoo.

Gastronomic diversity, interesting environments and an incredible view, what’s not to like? Travelers can combine this tour with a visit to the zoo, for an even more complete experience.

Bikini Berlin. Source: Wikipedia. Author: Tom Koronowski.

Craft beers in Berlin

Although Munich is the capital of beer, in Berlin's current scene, craft beers are very present. In addition to a wide variety, the quality is also impressive, and Berliners have taken this product seriously.

Among several options of pubs, bars and biertgarten, BRLO Brwhouse is a good choice! In addition to being able to enjoy the brand's traditional products (Helles, Pale Ale, German IPA, Porter, Berliner Weisse), there are often new products, results from different ingredients and recipes from the in-house brewmasters.

The space has different environments, including a biertgarten. In addition to BRLO Brwhouse products, travelers will find different types of beers from around the world. It is worth visiting the brewery's production, which offers guided tours, followed by a well-deserved tasting.

Berlin Botanical Garden

For those who want to take a trip to Berlin amidst nature, the Berlin Botanical Garden is the perfect choice. Since 1679, this beautiful garden has been the second largest in the world. 200 years later, in 1879, the Royal Botanical Museum was founded there, comprising all areas of Botany.

With more than 22,000 species of plants among several greenhouses, if the traveler is available, the tour can last all day, as there will be no shortage of natural works to be seen.

In the month of December, this place becomes especially magical, with Christmas decorations, a show of shapes and lights for the traveler to explore.

One of the greenhouses in the Berlin Botanical Garden. Source: Flick. Author: Tom Koronowski.

Berlin Tropical Islands

Are you in Berlin and feel like relaxing on an island, with sun, sea, sand and palm trees? You don't need to take a plane, just visit Berlin Tropical Island.

But that's not all, in addition to a water park, with several activity options, you will find a wave simulator called Pororoca, named after the natural phenomenon that occurs annually in Brazil. For those who wish to extend the experience, in addition to restaurants, the place offers accommodation and a wide range of experiences.

Indoor part of Berlin Tropical Islands. Source: Wikipedia. Author: Bmalina