Gastronomia tedesca: il famoso stinco di maiale e le sue varianti

German gastronomy: the famous pork knuckle and its variations

Bavarian meal with Schweinshaxe, dumplings and sauerkraut.

Pork knuckle is one of the most traditional dishes of German origin, which whets the appetite of many visitors to the country looking to taste this typical delicacy, especially in the Bavarian region.

Several reasons are given to justify why pork is so present in German cuisine.

Among them, the existence of many forests, and few areas of open pasture, made it difficult to raise larger animals such as oxen, as well as the fact that pork is a soft meat made it so popular among the people of this region. Another reason given, a current more aligned with sociological development, was the fact that traditional Germanic peoples resisted Roman expansion with some success, which led them to also resist the Roman idea of ​​urbanization, agriculture and livestock farming.

The price also plays an essential role in the leadership of pork in the German market, being significantly cheaper than other meats, attracting the consumer, and of course, being incredibly tasty (which is why there is no doubt)!

And when it comes to pork in Germany, the famous pork knuckle is the most popular! Its characteristic is the thick layer of fat that surrounds the piece, which, during preparation, leaves the meat with a wonderful and juicy flavor. However, before placing your order at a local restaurant, you need to know that there are two different types: Schweinshaxe and Eisbein.

Eisbein with potatoes and coleslaw. Source: Wikipedia.

The difference, basically, between the two is that the first is baked and the second fried.

The term “Eisbein” is more comprehensive, and refers to the piece of pork knuckle, and also the name given to the dish when it is cooked. However, when the piece is prepared fried, it is called Schweinshaxe (in some places in Brazil the term “à pururuca” is used to refer to this method of preparation).

Schweinshaxe, the fried pork knuckle.

As for side dishes, we generally have Kartoffelsalat (potato salad) and Krautsalat (cabbage salad) as an option, the dishes are usually well served, as traditional dishes have the characteristic of being filling.

When you come to Germany, be sure to try this local German delicacy, found in restaurants across the country!