Altes Land: La joya del norte de Alemania

Altes Land: The jewel of Northern Germany

Northern Germany holds pleasant surprises for the traveler. In addition to the Fairy Tale Route, Hamburg and its bridges, the Altes Land region is one of the highlights. Considered “The Jewel of the North”, Altes Land is full of natural beauty, with robust flora and bucolic landscapes. In addition to the medieval architecture, present in […]

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Viaje a Mittenwald - Alemania

Mittenwald – Germany Trip

Even more beautiful than the Bavarian Alps are the cities nestled between them, such as Mittenwald! “Mittenwald, a living picture book” Goethe There is certainly no better place to discover the ancient local traditions of Bavaria, combined with a walk in a cozy country atmosphere, than in these beautiful little towns in the region. Mittenwald […]

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Zugspitze, la montagna più alta della Germania.

Zugspitze, the highest mountain in Germany.

Being 2,962 meters high, having a 360° panoramic view, seeing more than 400 alpine peaks belonging to four countries, satisfying your curiosity about what it’s like to live in an igloo, having a delicious meal enjoying icy mountains and an incredible scenery painted by nature , and discover the incredible record-breaking panoramic cable car. You […]

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Allgäu - Viajes Alemania

Allgäu – Travel Germany

Located in southern Swabia, close to Bavaria, is the Allgäu region, which also covers part of its territory Baden-Württemberg and Austria. Allgäu is known for its alps, green pastures, palaces and castles. It is also a very popular holiday destination among Germans, due to the variety of activity options and climate prone to rest and […]

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Walhalla, un templo griego en Alemania.

Walhalla, a Greek temple in Germany.

Walhalla, also called the “German Parthenon”, is located in a majestic position above the Danube, near Regensburg. This neoclassical temple-shaped building represents one of the most important and beautiful German monuments of the 19th century. Perhaps you have already heard this name, because Walhalla would be the “paradise” according to Norse mythology, where the destiny […]

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La Ruta del Barroco en Alemania

The Baroque Route in Germany

The 30 Years’ War left a sad trail of destruction and poverty in a large part of Germany. After its end, many immigrants, looking to rebuild their lives, headed to the Swabian region to live in depopulated places. They were essential in this process of economic recovery, which led to the renovation and construction of […]

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Visitar Bayreuth, la ciudad de la ópera

Visiting Bayreuth, the city of opera

Famous for its annual Opera Festival (Bayreuth Festival), Bayreuth attracts tourists not just for this event but for its rich architecture and history, which left a legacy that we can appreciate today. The city has a close link with the famous German composer Richard Wagner, who moved there when he was experiencing financial difficulties, following […]

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