Igreja de São Benedito na Praia dos Carneiros (Foto: Esse Mundo é Nosso)

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A Playa de Carneiros It is one of the most beautiful places on the Brazilian coast.By the calm waters It is transparent there are natural pools and the famous small church of S.

Even with its growing popularity, it is still possible to find very quiet spaces to relax in the sand.

We prepare a complete guide to Praia dos Carneiros to answer the main questions about fate: where is it, how to get there, what to do and where to eat.

Besides, we give you all the tips for where to stay.

Complete Guide to Praia dos Carneiros

See below all our tips for Praia dos Carneiros. To make it easier, I have put you here the link with direct access to each part of the post:

Where is the beach
How to get there
Best time to go
How many days to stay?
What you should do there
Suggesting itinerary
Where to stay

1. Praia dos Carneiros: Where is it?

First of all, let's explain where the beach is on the map. Located in the municipality of Tamandaré in Pernambuco The Playa de Carneiros is about 100 kilometers from Recife and the 50 km from Puerto de Galinhas.

Two. How to get to Praia dos Carneiros?

The easiest way is to rent a car (take advantage to see rental options in Car rental) in Recife. In the city, just take the BR-101 that leads to Cabo de Santo Agostinho.

In fact, if you have time, it's worth stopping there to see Calheta Beach where there's a zip line.

Church of S.Benedict in Praia dos Carneiros (Photo: Esse Mundo é Nosso)

Then it is enough to take PE-060 to Rio Formoso. At the urban exit is the PE-072 exit to Carneiros.

In addition, there are transfer options, such as lucky trip and the Port of Galinhas Destination that has more information on the website.

We made a very complete post with all the tips for how to get to Carneiros even for those in Porto de Galinhas.

3. Praia dos Carneiros: When to go?

At the best time to enjoy the Playa de Carneiros It is from September to March especially October, November and December, when there is less chance of rain. In the winter That's when it rains the most (mainly in June).

But remember that the summer holiday (December to February) is the high season in Carneiros.

Rams (Photo: Honda)

To enjoy the natural pools it is important to be attentive to the navy website to see the situation of the tidal board, as this makes the difference when diving. The reference in the search is the Port of Suape.

We have prepared a post with very complete information about when to go to Carneiros.

4. How many days will you stay in Carneiros?

Many people travel back and forth from Porto de Galinhas to Carneiros because they believe that the only attraction is the small church of San Benedito. But if you really want to enjoy the region and the beach, stay there for at least two full days.

5. Attractions in Praia dos Carneiros

See below the list of the main attractions of Praia dos Carneiros:


To Playa de Carneiros It's really a paradise. It is easy to find a space only for you Beach 5 km long. In front of the sea are some hotels, including the Pousada Praia dos Carneiros El Pontal dos Carneiros El Paraíso Carneiros and the Bungalows Gameleiro.

Praia dos Carneiros (Photo: This world is ours)

Green and transparent water has a pleasant temperature, as a result of the encounter between the sea and the Formoso River.

For those who want to enjoy a beach club with structure, they can't miss the we're going but we'll talk more about it in a moment.

Church of San Benito

Undoubtedly, the small church of S. Benedito and the largest postcard of Praia dos Carneiros. Built in the late 18th century, it is facing the sea and is on private property: the Site of Good Hope.

Church of St. Benedito (Photo: This world is ours)

In fact, to get to the small church, it's the easiest thing to walk through the sand. There are many weddings that are celebrated there. However, it is not always open to visitors.

If you stay in Carneiros, you'll notice that, at times, there's a lot of congestion because a lot of tours depart from Porto de Galinhas and pass by. There are even street vendors present at the moment.

But for the rest of the day, the church area is very empty. This is one of the reasons why sleeping there is worth it: being able to have the beach practically for yourself.

In fact, we made it a very complete post telling all the details of the small church of S. Benedito.

Let's go

oh come It's a very large beach club with great structure in Praia dos Carneiros. Usually you receive many tourists who make excursions to spend the day on the beach, so it is usually crowded.

Bora Bora (Photo: This is our world)

It's not that close to the little church. You can even walk there, but for those who prefer it, there are some options in horse-drawn carriages that take you there.

The menu includes typical dishes, seafood, rations, ice cream and much more.

Catamaran tour

One of the most popular tours for those in Carneiros is the catamaran. He passes through the small church of San Benedito and heads to Rio Formoso. In addition, the tour goes to Playa Guadalupe where the famous clay bathroom is located that is said to be good for the skin.

Catamaran tour stop (Photo: This world is ours)

After that, the tour stops on a sandbank with a beautiful look and goes up to the natural pools. One of the companies that makes the tour is Tourism in Manglares.

Breathing tube

The clean and crystal clear waters of Praia dos Carneiros form an ideal setting for those who enjoy water sports. Snorkeling, rowing surf and kayaking, for example, are some of the most popular options.

Restaurant tips

Many people end up eating in restaurants in hotels, but both Carneiros and Tamandaré have good places to eat. One of the most famous is the cobia that also has units in Olinda and Porto de Galinhas.

In addition, other excellent suggestions are Arikindá What is in Pousada Praia dos Carneiros where we stay, the Jobar inside the inn Bungalows Gameleiro and the Tapera del Sabor What is in Tamandaré and has a great menu with excellent value for money.

Dois dance with prawns and fish from Tapera do Sabor (Photo: Esse Mundo es

In fact, don't forget to see the very complete post we write about where to eat in Carneiros.


Those who go to Praia dos Carneiros will be able to take the opportunity to discover the beaches of Tamandaré. Carneiros, Campas, Tamandaré, Pontal do Lira and Boca da Barra There are five beaches located in the city. In addition, the main attractions of the region are the Tamandaré Fort and the Natural Pools.

Tamandaré (Photo: This World Is Our)

6. Itinerary in Praia dos Carneiros

oh itinerary in Praia dos Carneiros It's not the most complicated thing, as the place doesn't have as many attractions.

Day 1 of the itinerary

Arrival in Carneiros at lunchtime
Go to small church in S. Benedito
Diving or water sport
Sunset on the beach
Lunch in a nearby restaurant

Day 2

Tour in Catamaran – Natural pools (the tour passes through the church, heads to the Formoso River, continues to Playa Guadalupe, with clay bath, and ends in the Natural Pools)
Free afternoon on the beach or in Bora Bora
Sunset on the beach
Dinner in cobia or Tapera del Sabor

Praia dos Carneiros seen from the catamaran (Photo: Esse Mundo é Nosso)

Day 3 of the itinerary in Carneiros

Last day in Carneiros
Tomorrow in Little Church of San Benito before the tours arrive
Free day on the beach

7. Where to stay at Praia dos Carneiros

There are excellent options for pensions in Carneiros. We stay inside Pousada Praia dos Carneiros overlooking the sea and is a 10-minute walk from the small church, as well as the Gameleiro Bungalows.

Pontal dos Carneiros is also right in the sand and has a great structure. To Paradise Carneiros It is in front of the sea and is 15 minutes from the church.

Pontal dos Carneiros (Photo: Reservations)

For those who prefer to rent a full apartment, we have two tips: The colorful one that is in the urban part of the beach, far from the church, and where we also stay and enjoy very much, and the Southern Club.

We did a super-complete post with tips on where to stay there.

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