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Famous for its sunsets, the Tourinhos Beach It is also known as the best beach in São Miguel do Gostosoin Rio Grande do Norte.

With calm seas and even natural pools that form at low tide, the beach has a good structure and a beautiful view in the late afternoon, the busiest time around here.

Furthermore, it has rock formations that are thousands of years old, known as petrified dunes, which is something very curious.

People lying on the sand watch the sunset at Praia de Tourinhos
Sunset is one of the biggest attractions (Photo: Esse Mundo É Nosso)

Not even the distance to the center and the dirt road is intimidating, so much so that Tourinhos is a popular destination for tourists. And it should be included in your itinerary too. In this post we explain the reasons for you to visit it.

Tourinhos Beach, the best in São Miguel do Gostoso

As soon as you arrive in São Miguel do Gostoso you will understand why Praia de Tourinhos is so popular, even though it is 8 km from the center.

The urban beaches of Gostoso are not very inviting for swimming in the sea, not to mention the fact that the strip of sand is huge. Really huge! To give you an idea, at Praia da Xêpa, I timed myself and it took almost five minutes to get to the sea.

Tourinhos Beach seen from the top of the petrified dunes
Tourinhos Beach seen from the top of the petrified dunes (Photo: Esse Mundo É Nosso)

On the other hand, Tourinhos has that beach feel that we are more accustomed to, with a short strip of sand, pleasant sea bathing and a paradisiacal setting. And don't leave before sunset, which is the most famous in the region.

Petrified Dunes

Tourinhos Beach is also famous for its petrified dunes that are more than 2500 years old. Legend has it that they were the ones who gave the beach its name. Some can see a herd of bulls in the rock formations.

Access to the petrified dunes with a sign saying that only pedestrians are accepted
Access to the top of the dunes (Photo: Esse Mundo É Nosso)

On top of one of these dunes, very close to the most popular area of ​​the beach, there is a platform with a viewpoint where tourists gather to watch the sunset. The experience is really worth it.

What to do at Tourinhos Beach

As the most structured part is small, the tip is to enjoy the beach without rushing. At low tide it becomes even more beautiful. In other words, choose a tent or spread out a blanket and enjoy the sunny day.

In the right corner you will see the petrified dunes, which are one of the attractions of Praia de Tourinhos. You can climb them to enjoy the view.

Tourinhos Beach with a view of the petrified dunes in the background
Petrified dunes gave the beach its name (Photo: Esse Mundo É Nosso)

On the other side, a rock formation is known as Sigh of the Whale. It happens that at high tide the waves hit the rock and cause a jet of water to gush out, reminiscent of that emitted by the animal. It's quite curious.

If the beach tends to be more crowded on weekends, on weekdays it is quite empty. Peak time can be said to be at sunsetwhich is certainly what Tourinhos is famous for.

The sunset at Tourinhos Beach

Just talk to any resident in São Miguel do Gostoso and they will soon tell you: “don’t miss seeing the sunset in Tourinhos”. This is truly an attraction that should be on your travel itinerary.

The late afternoon here is beautiful. The sea takes on golden tones and the sun sets between the huge wind energy towers.

People on a platform in the dunes watch the sunset at Praia de Tourinhos
Platform at the top of the dunes in Tourinhos (Photo: Esse Mundo É Nosso)

The most famous place to watch this spectacle is from the top of the petrified dunes, where there is a wooden platform that serves as a viewing platform and is full at the end of the day.

But even from the beach sand, beauty is guaranteed. Watching the sunset at Praia de Tourinhos is one of those things that makes it worth coming here.

Man standing in front of the sea watches the sunset at Tourinhos Beach
Photo: This World Is Ours

But be careful when returning to São Miguel do Gostoso. All the cars, including the gardeners and tour quads, leave together soon after the sun sets.

In other words, the dirt road is very busy and very dusty. So take it easy!

Beach huts

Although the structure of Praia de Tourinhos is very simple, a new beach club stands out among the tents. Borabora is very beautiful and has pleasant music.

Tables under the trees at Borabora Tourinhos
Borabora Tourinhos (Photo: This World Is Ours)

The tables facing the sea are crowded early in the morning, but the whole atmosphere is really cool and the menu is sophisticated, so much so that it made it into our guide to where to eat in São Miguel do Gostoso.

Although the prices are much higher than its neighbors, Borabora is certainly the most structured place to spend the day at the beach.

For those looking for something simpler, there are many options. The stalls are all very close to each other and you can consult the menus and choose where to stay.

Practically all of them have tables and umbrellas spread out on the sand. There are also public bathrooms on the waterfront, which are used by customers.

Beach huts seen from the sea
Photo: This World Is Ours

On another day we went to the nearby Barraca do Caranguejo (@barracadocaranguejo). The atmosphere is simple and familiar, but the prices make up for it. To give you an idea, a portion of fried cassava costs R$10 and a portion of potatoes for R$12. 600 ml beers started at R$10 (Nov/2021 prices).

In fact, other recommended places are Barraca do Luiz Pescador, famous for grilled red fish, and also Barraca da Lu, which serves great crabs.

How to go to Tourinhos Beach

The distance from São Miguel do Gostoso to Tourinhos Beach is around 8 km. The road is dirt, but in good condition. Only the “ribs” are annoying and cause the vehicle to shake a lot.

I confess that, as it had rained a lot at night, I was afraid to go in a regular car, I thought I would have to take buggy rides, for example. But even so, access was very smooth.

Along the way, it's worth a stop at Casa Flora Artesanato, which has very beautiful products.

Facade of Casa Flora Artesanato in São Miguel do Gostoso
Casa Flora Artesanato (Photo: This World Is Ours)

Those who don't have a car can also choose to take a taxi, rent a quad bike or take tours with one of the various agencies in Gostoso. Most are on Av. dos Arrecifes, the main one in the center. One of them is Windcab, which has several rides.

Some offer short tours along some beaches until arriving in Tourinhos at sunset. Others even have day-long gardening or buggy tours, passing along the beaches of Rio do Fogo and returning to São Miguel do Gostoso in the late afternoon in Tourinhos.

At low tide, agency vehicles, such as dungarees and buggies, make much of the journey along the beach's sand. You can also do it on a quad bike, but it's a good idea to ask a local for guidance so you don't get lost.

Are there guesthouses on Tourinhos Beach?

If you are planning your trip here, you may wonder if it is possible to sleep in Tourinhos. Unfortunately there are no guesthouses on the beach.

The closest place to stay is 2 km away, which is Mykonos Residence, which has good apartments.

But as there are no restaurants or nightlife in this area, we think it is better to choose a guesthouse in São Miguel do Gostoso. There is no shortage of great options, as we listed in this previous link.

When to go: Best time

You can visit Praia de Tourinhos all year round, but it's good to know that the rainiest period in São Miguel do Gostoso runs from March to June, and can extend to July.

View of Tourinhos Beach in São Miguel do Gostoso, with dunes in the background
Tourinhos Beach (Photo: This World Is Ours)

From September to February it is difficult to get rain here. In any case, if the day is beautiful, don't miss the sunset.

But it's also worth paying attention to the wind. It is very strong in this region, so be prepared with a backpack or bag that prevents sand from entering and also with sunglasses to protect your eyes.

The season with even stronger winds runs from October to December, which is the most popular time for kitesurfing.

It's also worth talking about the high season. New Year's Eve in Gostoso is the peak season, a favorite destination for celebrities. But from the January holidays until Carnival the city is very popular and the beaches become more crowded.

Do you know Tourinhos Beach in São Miguel do Gostoso? Have more tips or questions? Leave your comment!

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