Viaggio in Germania attraverso gli occhi di un bambino

Trip to Germany through the eyes of a child


The text was written by Valentina, aged 10, who traveled with us in the company of her parents in July this year on an 11-day itinerary through Germany, designed for the whole family. Here, she tells what she saw and what she learned.

“I loved this trip. I learned a lot about the history of Germany, ate good food, visited cool places.

As soon as I arrived, I went to Rothenburg, where there was a huge Christmas store that is open all year round. The houses in town were beautiful!

Observing the walls of Rothenburg ob der Tauber, on the Romantic Route

Then I went to a castle hotel, which had a very beautiful garden. Nearby, there was a winery with delicious grape juice.

Arriving at the castle hotel

In Hamburg, I went to the Philharmonic, which had very different escalators that curved. There is also a port there, and I tasted very good fish.

In Berlin, I spent the first day learning a little about the city's history. On the other days, my parents and I walked around there, and we went to a zoo where there were pandas, wolves, a polar bear, etc. On the last day, we had dinner at the parliament, and I loved it.

During the trip I also visited several small towns, each with something different. A store where everything is made of marzipan, a half-meter sausage, a cable car, a library. I also visited a tea and chocolate shop, ate Greek food, ate Schnitzel (which, by the way, I loved) and visited cities with cool stories, like a city that was saved by children and the city of Bremen, where the story of the musicians came from .

Villages and vineyards in the Rhine valley. While the parents enjoy the wines, the children enjoy fresh, pure grape juices from the region.

I also visited many museums, many castles (and in one of them the storyteller was a washerwoman!) and many churches (mostly Lutheran), and I was lucky enough to have organs playing in four of them.

Private guided tour of Heidelberg Castle. The guide embodies a period character and each tour is different. Here, she represents a washerwoman from the castle, straight from another century…

I used several means of transport, for the entire trip: train, subway, car (and a very large car, which looked like a van), boat, ferry, bus, and we went and returned to Germany by plane.

I loved the trip, it was an incredible experience, and one day I want to return to Germany.


We would like to warmly thank Valentina for such a sincere and spontaneous text, and her family, for encouraging writing, knowledge and for authorizing the use of images.

*All text was written by Valentina. Only the photo captions were added by us.

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