Visitar Bayreuth, la ciudad de la ópera

Visiting Bayreuth, the city of opera


Famous for its annual Opera Festival (Bayreuth Festival), Bayreuth attracts tourists not just for this event but for its rich architecture and history, which left a legacy that we can appreciate today.

The city has a close link with the famous German composer Richard Wagner, who moved there when he was experiencing financial difficulties, following the departure of his patron and friend King Ludwig II. Richard Wagner was looking for a place to present his works, and when he failed in his mission to raise funds for the construction of an opera house, his old friend King Ludwig II, did not abandon him, and financed Richard's desire. In 1876, the Bayreuth Festival already Bayreuth Festival Hall, Richard Wagner's opera house.

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Bayreuth Festspielhaus eo Festival

Since its debut, the festival has taken place annually, being the most important in the city, welcoming those who admire classical music and want to watch the impressive opera shows. The festival also attracts those who wish to learn a little more about Richard Wagner's work in the city where he chose to establish the dissemination, and then, the perpetuation of his work.

Bayreuth Festspielhaus, view from above.

Hermitage de Bayreuth

It was initially built to serve as a court emitter in 1715 by Margrave George William. However, in 1735, when Margrave Frederico took power, he presented the place to his wife Guilhermina, with which she fell in love and they began a wave of renovations and expansions on the property.

Much of what we see today in the Bayreuth Hermitage is the result of Wilhelmina's enthusiasm, such as the New Palace, the upper cave, and most of the works and sculptures in the beautiful gardens.

It is currently a historic park with different attractions, including the Old Palace, the New Palace, the Dragon Cave and the beautiful landscaped garden, which has had most of its elements renovated over the last 30 years.

New Palace, Hermitage.

Margravial Opera House

One of the wonders of Bayreuth is certainly the majestic Margavial Opera House, built between 1745 and 1750 at the request of Wilhelmina of Prussia (the same as the Bayreuth Hermitage), for her daughter's wedding. Considered one of the most beautiful baroque opera houses in the world, it is one of the few surviving in Europe.

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