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Located in southern Swabia, close to Bavaria, is the Allgäu region, which also covers part of its territory Baden-Württemberg and Austria. Allgäu is known for its alps, green pastures, palaces and castles. It is also a very popular holiday destination among Germans, due to the variety of activity options and climate prone to rest and relaxation.

Schrecksee, voted the most beautiful lake in the Alps region, Allgäu.

King Ludwig II

The famous Swan King, a great enthusiast of high culture and the arts, spent his childhood in the family castle, Hohenschwangau, located in this region, where he was inspired for his great work, Neuschwanstein Palace, today one of the main tourist attractions in Germany. The mountains and alps with their privileged landscapes nourished the imagination and inspired this great monarch in his deeds. Throughout his life, the region was the chosen setting when he wanted a refuge from his duties as king.

The beautiful landscape around Hohenschwangau castle, Allgäu.

The main cities

Allgäu is a region that encompasses many locations, but some cities deserve to be highlighted on travelers' itineraries.


Fountain with sculpture of a mill, Kempten.

The main city in the Allgäu, with more than two thousand years of history, home to the Cambodunum Archaeological Park, which tells the story of the city, the oldest in Germany with written and archaeological records. Visitors can visit excavations, take guided tours, as well as very fun and interesting workshops aimed at children.

It is possible to observe in the city's architecture the presence of influence from when it was under the Protestant Union, found in the old city and also in the Catholic city, in the Residenz palace and Basilica of São Lourenço.


The beautiful facade of Memmingen City Hall.

This city attracts many travelers who want to take a light stroll, walking leisurely in the center with its medieval atmosphere, visiting the city's attractions, such as the Church of the Knights and the City Hall. For those who want to go hiking in nature, due to its well-maintained trails, Memmingen is also a good option.

Fussen and the Romantic Route

Rio Lech.

Another city that deserves to be highlighted in the Allgäu is Füssen, the last city on the Romantic Route (starting in the north). With an altitude of more than 800 meters above the sea, nestled between mountains and with more than 700 years of history, this medieval city has a spectacular historic center, with baroque churches, walls and Gothic facades.

The beautiful river Lech with its clear waters cuts through the city. Furthermore, the city is home to the Hohes Schloss, the former summer palace of the princes of Augsburg.

Local cuisine

The region's cuisine, like German cuisine in general, is plentiful and very tasty. For those who enjoy tasting typical foods from the places they visit, in Allgäu you will have delicious experiences.

The region is fertile in a variety of cheeses, and we certainly cannot talk about local cuisine without mentioning it. Perhaps for this reason, one of the most popular dishes in the region is Käsespätzle (homemade macaroni and cheese) which is the Allgäu version of this popular dish. Fine, fresh alpine herbs are also incorporated into local cuisine.

For dessert, sweet lovers must try the Zwetschgen Knödel, the cupcake made from flour, cream cheese and plums, which are wonderfully soft and served with cream, ice cream, fruit compote and sprinkled with flour.

Christmas markets

Stall with traditional gingerbread cookies at the Christmas market.

Christmas markets are a great German tradition, attracting tourists from all over to attend this magical and joyful event. If your trip is scheduled for December, be sure to visit one of these markets, it will be an unforgettable experience.

In the Allgäu region, three cities hold this event, Kempten, Memmingen and Marktoberdorf.

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