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The brand of the Black Forest, the cake in which each slice surprises the palate, you cannot leave Germany without trying the Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte, the original name of the black forest cake.

Original Black Forest cake.

The cake was created in the Baden-Württemberg region. The incredible recipe consists of several layers of white and chocolate sponge cake, with Kirschwasser (a type of cherry brandy), fresh local cherries and cream. The cake is covered in chocolate shavings and lots of whipped cream.

There are several stories that describe how and by whom the cake was created. The one most accepted by Germans is that Josef Keller did it in 1915, when he worked in a café in the Bonn district. Later, he moved to Radolfzell, opened his own café and taught the recipe to his apprentice, who kept the recipe and is now in a bakery in Triberg, in the Black Forest.

Many people believe that the cake was inspired by the customs and forests of the region. Something very poetic, where the cherries represent the famous Bollenhut hat, the chocolate shavings refer to the darkness of the forest. And others believe that it was inspired by the clothes worn by women in the region at the time, that is, the Bollenhut hat is represented by cherries, the whipped cream refers to the white dress and the chocolate refers to the body of the dress.

Photo from 1898, a lady in Gutach, Black Forest, in the typical local costumes, which supposedly inspired the Black Forest cake. Source: Wikipedia. Unknown author.

Every spring there is Black Forest Cake Festivalin Todtnauberg, where there is competition between professional and amateur pastry chefs to make the best Black Forest cake. Furthermore, it is a cultural event, with music and classes on how to prepare the recipe for the star of the party!

You may have already tried the Brazilian version of the cake, but the recipe we usually try in Brazil does not have the same flavor, being much sweeter. In addition to the fact that there are many cherry trees in Germany, which guarantees the freshness and unique flavor of these reddish fruits, the original version has less sugar and the typical distilled cherry drink. And of course, the experience of tasting black forest cake in the Black Forest is a unique experience!

  • Gastronomic Tour: We provide gastronomic tours that present typical dishes, including the experience of tasting the authentic Black Forest cake.
  • Visit to the Confectionery in Triberg: Take visitors to the bakery that holds the original Black Forest cake recipe, created by Josef Keller.
  • Participation in the Black Forest Cake Festival: We arrange for travelers to participate in the Black Forest Cake Festival in Todtnauberg, where they can witness the competition between bakers and learn how to prepare the recipe.
  • Visit to Local Cherry Trees: We organize tours of cherry plantations in the region, allowing visitors to appreciate the origin of the cherries used in the cake.
  • Exploration of Local Culture: Through the flavor of the Black Forest cake, we offer a deeper connection with local culture, explaining the inspirations for the cake, from typical costumes to dark forests.
  • Black Forest Guided Tour: We offer an immersive guided tour experience of the Black Forest, highlighting the history, culture and natural beauty of this incredible region.