5 attrazioni speciali a Monaco

5 Special Attractions in Munich


Munich, the capital of the state of Bavaria, birthplace of traditional breweries and host of the annual Oktoberfest, this great city has much more to offer.

St. Mary's Column on Marienplatz square

For visitors who include Munich in their itinerary, there will certainly be no shortage of already very popular activities to be visited, not only in the city but also in nearby regions. However, more and more, travelers are looking for attractions outside the obvious, or when they are on their second or subsequent visit, they want to discover something new.

Therefore, we have selected five unusual attractions for travelers in Munich!

1. Munich Funf Höfe shopping gallery

The Fünf Höfe gallery is considered one of the most elegant in Munich, offering a total of 64 stores, bars and restaurants, including major brands such as Hugo Boss and Emporio Armani.

However, it is not just an attraction for those who want to shop, the Funf Höfe complex has galleries, exhibitions, restaurants with different types of cuisine, as well as cafes in a very pleasant environment.

The architecture of the place is quite interesting, highlighting the corridor that has a ceiling with long branches, plants and lighting, a backdrop for many travelers' photos.

Funf Hofe, Munich. Source: Flickr. Author: Timothy Brown

2. Glockenspiel at Marienplatz

Munich's Marienplatz is already an attraction in itself, with its large open space in front of perhaps the capital's most iconic building, the City Hall (Neues Rathaus). In this same building, every day, at 11 am and 12 pm, there is a beautiful performance on the carillon, which shows the sumptuous wedding of the Bavarian Duke Wilhelm V in 1568, with the knight's duel, in addition to the traditional Dance of the Coopers.

In summer, during additional hours, the carillon also plays at 5 pm.

Glockenspiel na New Town Hall, Munique

3. Asamkirche

Munich is blessed with beautiful churches, among them, the most popular are St. Michael's Church it's at Frauenkirche. All of these are worth visiting, but if you are looking for something different, the Asamkirche may surprise you.

The church dedicated to Saint John Nepomuceno was built between 1733 and 1746 by the brothers of the Asam family (hence the name). A pearl of the Rococo style, the Asamkirche impresses with its rich details and a different atmosphere, with its long nave.

Like other churches, not just in Munich, this is another work of art, where the traveler can have the pleasure of discovering every detail.

Interior da Asamkirche

4. Alte Pinakothek

There are those who say that Munich represents a lot of flair Italian north of the Alps. And perhaps the Alte Pinakothek is a great example of this atmosphere. Opened in 1836, Munich's “old art gallery” was built in the Roman-Florentine Renaissance style and is dedicated to works from the Medieval and Renaissance periods, up to the 18th century. The list of works worth visiting the Alte Pinakothek would be extensive, but in particular, we would like to mention “The Holy Family Canigiani”, by Raphael, and the self-portrait by Albrecht Dürer.

“A Sagrada Família Canigiani”, by Rafael

5. Beer garden there Chinese Tower

Of course, we couldn't leave aside one of Munich's greatest traditions, the beer garden. Outdoor locations, with tables, and a relaxed atmosphere, for visitors to enjoy a good beer, perhaps accompanied by a pretzel: What better place to immerse yourself in local culture?

Among several options, the Chinese tower (Chinesischer Turm) stands out, with a large Chinese tower located in Munich's English Garden. The large tower, initially built for observation, dates back to 1790. It is currently a pleasant address for those looking for good beer, relaxation and a beautiful walk in nature.

Chinese Tower, Munique.

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