Dalla Germania all'Italia, visitando l'Austria!

From Germany to Italy, visiting Austria!


Even though Germany is one of the richest countries historically, and has a very abundant and differentiated culture in each region, many travelers want to include more than one country on their trip. However, adjusting a suitable itinerary to meet all travelers' wishes, without making it tiring and making the most of precious travel time, is a task that requires a lot of knowledge of the regions to be visited.

To help with this arduous task, we have selected some places to visit on an itinerary starting in Munich (Germany) and ending in Venice (Italy), and on the route passing through Austria.


Starting the trip, arriving in Munich, the traveler will have contact with the region where the most traditional German customs are found. Capital of the state of Bavaria, in Munich, travelers will find beer gardens, beer gardens and typical costumes known worldwide.

However, Munich's attractions do not end there, with a wide range of museums with varied themes, from the BMW Welt to art galleries, international brand stores, and regional restaurants to the acclaimed Michelin-starred ones.



Heading towards the Alps is the small Garmisch-Partenkirchen, a small town with a cozy atmosphere mixed with the charm of the Alps. The gastronomic scene in Garmisch-Partenkirchen deserves great attention, with very pleasant options.

Another great attraction of the place is its proximity to the Zugspitze, the highest point in Germany, and its resorts for winter sports, such as skiing.



Arriving in Austria, but still in the Alpine climate. Innsbruck, where travelers find many ski slopes and places to practice winter sports.

In addition to train rides and tours revealing the culture of the Tyrol region, travelers will be able to visit Swarovski Crystal World, a complex dedicated to the brand, with a museum, park and other experiences.

Swarovski Crystal World.


Finally arriving in Italy, and starting the final part of the itinerary with a splendid attraction, the Dolomites. Considered by many to be the most beautiful part of the Italian Alps, the Dolomites are a lush Italian mountain range, which have a very special characteristic.

Due to its composition of calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate rocks, when the sun's rays reflect on its surface, it results in a pink and lilac color, also known as “Alpen glow”. Admiring this natural spectacle live will make your trip even more special.



Considered the commune with the highest quality of life in Italy, Trento is a perfect destination for travelers who want to have contact with nature. With countless options for trails, outdoor trips, among its valleys, lakes and enchanting places, travelers can enjoy many activities and experiences in this segment.

For those who want more urban activities, Trento offers museums, a historic center, a cathedral and even a castle. Yes, in Trento there is the Buonconsiglio Castle, dating back to the 13th century, an unmissable attraction for lovers of these historic buildings.

Castelo de Buonconsiglio


Closing the itinerary, enchanting Venice. With its canals of great historical and cultural value, this last city on the itinerary will end it in a spectacular way. Venice had great economic importance in the medieval period, when its port, the largest in Europe at that time, was Europe's commercial and cultural link with Asia.

For lovers of History and Architecture, this city is a real delight, with Gothic and Renaissance buildings, Saint Mark's Basilica is a jewel for the eyes, even if they are the most inattentive.

With so many canals, there are many bridges, and from each one of them, a new scene opens up, a corner with a restaurant, a cafe, everything can be observed and appreciated.


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