8 sensational and unusual experiences


Check out this new post written by André Araújo, tourism consultant and journalist, for eight tips on what to do in South Africa outside the “tourism” circuit and explore the best of this fantastic destination!

Tips for what to do in South Africa

South Africa is a country that goes far beyond Cape Town and its Table Mountain, considered the city's postcard, and also goes beyond Kruger Park, the most famous wildlife reserve in the country and destination for many tourists!

In South Africa, visitors will find a bit of everything: beautiful landscapes, rural areas, wineries, small cities and large metropolises, wildlife and also cultural life and incredible and unusual tours along (and also outside) the well-known Garden Route. Garden).

Anyway, get off the beaten track in Johannesburg or Cape Town! The lesser-known cities have formidable attractions that really impressed me. Come find out what they are!

Tips for what to do in South Africa: 8 sensational and unusual experiences

– Quad biking in the forest

Anyone who has ever driven one knows how fun it is and anyone who hasn't had this experience yet doesn't know what they're missing! Even better if you have the chance to ride in a forest of ancient trees with all the abundant nature around.

The guide for this tour gives a basic explanation of how to ride there – the vehicle itself is no mystery, as the quadricycle has no gears. Along the way, we traveled through streams, dirt roads and some climbs that the “motorbike” can easily navigate. If you're lucky, you'll even see the animals that inhabit the region such as baboons, vevet monkeys and other exotic creatures.

Where: Tsitsikamma – Garden Route
More information: https://www.tsiadventure.com/
$$: 590 Rand (> 16 years old) and 350 Rand (< 16 accompanied by an adult on the quad bike)

Tips for what to do in South Africa

– Safari at Addo Elephant Park

It is not among the most well-known reserves for Brazilian tourists visiting South Africa, however it is as interesting a wildlife park as Kruger. Addo Elephant Park is home to more than 600 elephants and several other animals that live peacefully in the park, which has a total area of ​​1,640 km².

As it is smaller than the famous Kruger, it ends up being easier to spot the animals and, in addition, it is possible to cross it from one end to the other in a journey of approximately two hours. Tip: Addo is the best option for those traveling on the Garden Route, due to its location.

Where: Addo
More information: https://www.sanparks.org/parks/addo/tourism/get_there.php
$$: 275 Rand (per adult/per day)

Tips for what to do in South Africa

– Marine Eco Tour

For those who enjoy boat trips and adventure, this tour is ideal because it combines the two. The fast boat seems to “float” on the waves and, in addition, we have the chance to go on a kind of marine safari. On the tour, tourists have the opportunity to see some animals that inhabit the beautiful Knysna coast such as seals, penguins, dolphins and, depending on the season, even whales and sharks!

The tour lasts approximately two hours and, in addition to the animals, we can also admire the magnificent landscapes of the region (beaches, immense rocks and even caves that can only be seen on a boat trip). This was one of the most radical trips I took along the stunning Garden Route!

Where: Knysna – Garden Route
More information: https://www.oceanodyssey.co.za/tours/marine-eco-tour/
$$: 720 Rand (adult) and 520 Rand (child < 12 years old)

Tips for what to do in South Africa

– Ostrich Safari

On this safari you won't see the “big five” (leopard, lion, buffalo, elephant and rhinoceros) – the star here is the ostrich and anyone who thinks the tour is boring is wrong, on the contrary, it is quite fun! Although an ostrich's peck doesn't hurt (I took one on purpose), the bird has a sharp claw on its paw, so there will always be a fence between the visitor and it.

On this safari, however, the tour is different: aboard a tractor that pulls a wagon full of seats, we enter the ostrich enclosure that soon approaches visitors as they are curious animals! This way, visitors have the chance to observe these creatures up close. Before the safari takes place, the guide explains about the animals and we have the chance to feed them using a spoon or even our hands (like I did). At the end of the tour, we are guided to a mini museum that has several objects made from the animal's skin. A tour that is fun and informative at the same time!

Where: Outdshoorn
More information: http://safariostrich.co.za/
$$: 140 Rand (adult) and 70 Rand (< 14 years old)

Tips for what to do in South Africa

– Carriage at the winery

Tours in South Africa are truly surprising, mainly due to their originality, one of the countless tours in The Crags region consists of visiting a winery (and of course tasting) aboard a carriage (a faithful representation of the 17th century). With capacity for approximately 15 people, the carriage follows a beautiful road in a rural area passing through plantations and small farms while the guide informs about the tasting among other information. And speaking of tasting, in addition to wine, there is also a tasting of olives, olive oil and iced tea, all produced in the region. It is a very interesting and unusual tour that takes us back to the past by using period transport, which is unusual even in the type of tasting, with most of the time only wines are offered.

Where: The Crags – Garden Route
More information: https://www.horseridinggardenroute.com/horse-drawn-carriage-tour-at-bramon
$$: From 350 Rand

Tips for what to do in South Africa

– Winery tram

For lovers of good wine, whether red or white, South Africa offers a range of wineries in the Franschhoek region, and when in doubt which winery to visit, why not visit several in one trip. On the Wine Tram, visitors can choose 1 route among 6 routes, each route represents a color and on each route there is an X number of visits to wineries in the region. These visits are made in 3 different transports: Bus, tractor pulling a wagon with seats and in a super stylish old tram. When passing through the wineries, the visitor decides which one they want to visit and the transport continues on the journey, returning to the location after an hour. The tastings are well priced, the wines are of excellent quality and some wineries are beautiful.

I took the red route and recommend visiting the wineries: Leopard's Leap, Dieu Donne, Rickety Bridge and Grande Provence (the latter two are done by tractor and tram). The tour lasts the whole day, so you should take your time and enjoy all the wonderful wines produced in Franschhoek.

Where: Franschhoek
More information: http://winetram.co.za/
$$: 220 Rand​

Tips for what to do in South Africa

– Monkeyland

It is a Monkey Sanctuary that houses more than 700 of them in an immense forest where they live free and peaceful. Through a guided tour, the visitor learns about the importance of preservation along the trails in the forest, observing these graceful animals up close, which move among us without caring about our presence.

Where: The Crags
More information: http://www.monkeyland.co.za/
₹230 Rand (adult) and 115 Rand (child)

Tips for what to do in South Africa

– Birds of Eden

Sanctuary dedicated to birds that welcomes more than 3,500 birds of 220 different species. Through suspended wooden walkways, visitors have the chance to see them flying freely in a large forest with many trees, streams, lakes and even a mini waterfall.

Where: The Crags
More information: http://birdsofeden.co.za/
$$: Same as Monkeyland

Important: All animals from both sanctuaries were rescued from zoos, people who illegally sell wild animals and even laboratories. Both sanctuaries are non-profit and are based solely on Sustainable Eco Tourism, which is why our visit is very important to help the existence of these sanctuaries that carry out admirable work. Both sanctuaries are part of The South African Animal Sanctuary Alliance (SAASA).

Tips for what to do in South Africa

Post written by André Araújo – Tourism Consultant & Journalist

This text is the responsibility of the author and does not necessarily reflect the ideological line and opinion of the Viajando Bem blog.


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