Brazil what is the best time for each profile?

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When planning a trip the question always arises: what is the best time? And if that question involves when to go to Olindain Pernambucoit is not just the climate issue that influences.

We have been to the historic city at different times and found a completely different city and audience. So let's go in parts:

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Summer is usually drier in Recife It is Olinda, while winter has a greater chance of rain, which can compromise outdoor trips. If you want to escape the high season of summer (December, January and February) and winter (July), it's worth choosing months with less chance of rain, such as March, April, September, October and November.

Olinda (Photo: This World Is Ours)


In the high summer season, especially on the weekends before the Carnival, Olinda takes on a different air. The streets are full, the restaurants have queues and the city becomes more lively with the release of frevo blocks from time to time. During Carnival itself, we don’t even need to talk, right?

Out of season, especially on weekdays, you will find Olinda practically all to yourself. The streets are empty, the churches and museums have no queues and the atmosphere is completely peaceful.

Olinda (Photo: This World Is Ours)

I particularly liked the livelier days, when I could really feel the rhythm of Olinda. And you, what is your travel profile?

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