Dalla Germania all'Italia, visitando la Svizzera!

From Germany to Italy, visiting Switzerland!


Now our travelers can count on our service in Italy too. For travelers who wish to include Italy in their itinerary, Viagem Virgínia has partnered with local experts, always observing strict criteria in the selection of these professionals, so that we can continue to maintain the high standard of quality and professionalism in the services offered.

To start, we will present suggestions for places to include in your itinerary, which could start in one of our favorite places, the Rhine River valley, in Germany, and end in Florence, Italy.

Vale do rio Reno

Rhine river valley in Germany

Starting with the Rhine River valley, a region that surprises the traveler, with lots of natural beauty to be seen, vineyards, castles and half-timbered houses, as well as the beautiful Rhine River. There is no better way to start your trip!

Lake Constance

Lake Constance.

Driving down towards Switzerland, a stop in the Bodensee region is more than recommended. With cities on the shore of Lake Constance, such as Lindau and its extraordinary port, the exuberant flora of Mainau among many other attractions. There is no shortage of interesting experiences and tours for travelers in this region.


Zurich. Fonte: Switzerland Tourism. Autor: Giglio Pasqua

Arriving in the second country, Switzerland, through the city of Zurich. Despite not being the country's capital, as many imagine, Zurich is certainly the most popular city in Switzerland. With diverse options of attractions, gastronomy, shopping and typically Swiss elegance.


The city of Lugano, in the canton of Ticino

Still in Switzerland, but with an air of Italy. Ticino is the region known as Italian Switzerland, in the southern region of Switzerland, close to the border with Italy. And we can easily see this influence in Ticino, in the gastronomy, architecture and even the language, Italian, easily found hovering among the locals' dialogues.

Lake Como

Lake Como

Arriving in the last and third country, Italy! In a noble region, with a spectacular setting, Lake Como became known for being the destination and address of several celebrities. With options for mountain tours, trails, boat trips, lakeside beaches, as well as refined gastronomic experiences, museums and art galleries.


O Duomo from Milan

The financial center and reference in the fashion world. However, when we turn our eyes to the legacy of the past, we will find true treasures to be visited, explored and applauded in Milan. Its cathedral is an attraction in itself with more than 600 years of history.



Ending the itinerary in Florence, the capital of Tuscany, a delightful destination, especially for lovers of architecture and arts, with renowned art galleries, where you can find the acclaimed sculptures “David” by Michelangelo and the painting “The Annunciation” by DaVinci.

On our private trips, all of our itineraries are personalized and unique. Get in touch, we will be happy to prepare your dream trip!

On our private trips all our itineraries are personalized and unique. Get in touch, we will be happy to prepare your dream trip!