Museo de los Reyes de Baviera

Museum of the Bavarian Kings


Located at the foot of Neuschwanstein Palace and Hohenschwangau Castle is the former Grand Hotel “Alpenrose”.
However, since 2011, this beautiful historic hotel has taken on a noble role, telling the story of the former Wittelsbach royal family.

The Wittelsbach family is one of the oldest German noble families and one of the most important in Europe, which gave rise to several important names on the political scene in the Bavarian region, including dukes, electors, counts, emperors and kings.

Although many do not know, there was the Kingdom of Bavaria, lasting only 112 years, where in 1806 Maximilian I Joseph was the first king, followed by five other Wittelsbachers, until the end of this monarchy and the incorporation of Bavaria into the German Empire in 1871.

The family's influence went beyond the borders of German territory when, in several situations, its members served as sovereigns in other territories, such as Greece, Denmark and Sweden.

The museum tells the story and highlights of the trajectory of this powerful family, but its focus is on two of its most illustrious members, Maximilian II and his son Ludwig II, respectively the builders of Hohenschwangau Castle and Neuschwanstein Palace.

In the museum you can find the family tree, jewelry, clothes, paintings and the magnificent view of the region, with which Maximilian II and Ludwig II were in love.

Thanks to their tradition and ability to use marriage to gain power and influence, the Wittelsbach family exerted great influence and power in Europe, and thus they knew how to prevail and survive even during difficult times!