Germania x Svizzera Perché non entrambe?

Germany x Switzerland Why not both?


Without a doubt, these two countries are great choices when traveling, but many travelers fail to take advantage of the opportunity to get to know one when visiting the other. In addition to being neighboring countries, both have things in common, such as the German language, which is also spoken in a large part of Switzerland. The organization, wealth of variety of activities and tours, in addition to the hospitality of its citizens, are also highlights when choosing these two wonderful places.

A good option is to start in one country and finish in another, as there are direct flights from Brazil to some cities in Germany (Frankfurt and Munich) and to Zurich. Still talking about logistics, there is an extensive and efficient railway line connecting Germany and Switzerland with direct trains.

Scenic train in Switzerland Source: Switzerland Tourism. Author: Andre Meier

In gastronomy, Germany and Switzerland are among the best culinary destinations, with excellent chefs and restaurants, in addition to the variety presented according to the region. How about trying a Currywurst in Berlin, a Fischbrötchen in Hamburg and also a traditional fondue or Swiss chocolate? Or visit a winery in the Rhine Valley and follow the production of an original Swiss cheese in the city of its origin?

Swiss chocolates. Source: Switzerland Tourism. Author: Andre Meier.

From the fantastic panoramic trains in the Swiss Alps to the high-speed trains connecting major centers like Frankfurt and Munich, you can have a little of each experience. The beautiful Swiss lakes and ancient castles of medieval Germany, all in the same trip. Yes, it is possible!

Hohenzollern Castle, near Hechingen and Bisingen. Germany.

These experiences will certainly leave your suitcases more robust with stories, memories and unforgettable moments. We take care of all the logistics, organization and execution of your trip, with our team prepared to provide all necessary and eventual support.

Traveling with us, if you opt for more exclusivity, we provide VIP reception desks in both countries, where the guide, in Portuguese, will meet you as you exit the aircraft. Upon departure, you can also count on support, in Portuguese at check-in, helping with whatever is necessary.

VIP reception, where we welcome travelers as they leave the aircraft, without the need for queues and with priority immigration service. Photo: Travel Germany

These and other experiences could be your next destination, without having to plan two independent trips to make this dream come true. As in Germany and Switzerland, there are countless options for activities and routes to follow, we personalize your entire trip, selecting everything according to the travelers' profile and what they want to do. There is no type of rigidity regarding tour schedules, and everything can be made more flexible with us and our drivers and guides.