Hotel Molitor: Emilys berühmtes Schwimmbad in Paris

Hotel Molitor: a famosa piscina de Emily in Paris


The beautiful pool in Emily in Paris, which appears in the fifth episode of the third season, is not just any pool. It is iconic and part of the history of Paris. Opened in 1929, the Molitor swimming pool It was the scene of memorable parties and the bikini was launched there in 1946. Furthermore, it was also the scene of grandiose shows until it was closed for a long time. It ended up being abandoned, until it was purchased by the Accor chain and completely renovated. Thus, today the historic swimming pool is part of the trendy Hotel Molitor. In other words, one of the only hotels to have outdoor pool in Paris. Therefore, a different accommodation option in the 16th arrondissement.

It is neighboring the PSG team stadium and also Roland Garros. The restaurant, the Brasserie Molitor, offers authentic French cuisine revisited and is open to non-guests. To go to the pool you need to do day use do Hotel Molitor. Shall we know more?

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The History of the Molitor Pool

In 1929 the sports complex was opened Molitor swimming pool Grands Etablissements d’Auteuil, close to the Parc des Princes (the home of Paris Saint-Germain), the Jean Bouin stadium and Roland Garros. The triangular concrete structure, in Art Deco style, offered facilities for swimming, ice skating, golf, among other sports. From then on, Parisians transformed the sporting initiative into a trendy meeting point, attracting celebrities and events to its decks. In 1934, Emily in Paris' famous swimming pool became the site of the annual Water Festival (Water Festival) where the bathing beauty competition took place.

The winter days of Emily in Paris' famous pool

To take advantage of the structure during the cold months, they built a winter complex. In other words, the architect Lucien Pollet, responsible for the original pool, built an ingenious cover and so the events continued to happen. Until, in 1946, designer Louis Réard decided to make a bombastic launch: at the Molitor competition, he showed the bikini for the first time, as he named his creation on July 5th. The Paris Casino model and dancer Micheline Bernardini modeled the new look in two pieces.

A new century of the Molitor pool

Decades later, in 2001, the electronic music group Heretik threw a party inside the famous Emily in Paris pool, for 5 thousand people! At this time, the iconic Parisian swimming pool was abandoned and became a hotspot for graffiti artists who appropriated its structure to showcase their art. In 2007, the Paris City Council approved its restoration — and the handover of the sports complex to the Accor group. In 2014, the Hotel Molitor Paris opened its doors and returned the iconic Molitor swimming pool to Parisians and tourists. Designed by Jean-Philippe Nuel, it has 124 rooms and suites that surround the outdoor pool. Therefore, the idea is to give the guest the impression of being on a large cruise ship in the middle of the French capital.

Emily's pool in Paris
124 rooms around the pool

A Brasserie Molitor

On the same floor as the modern lobby is the revisited French food restaurant. Under the command of executive chef Grégory Biorczyk, the menu features dishes made using French techniques but with a touch of creativity from the experienced cook. Therefore, the idea is to mix tradition and innovation. The menu features salads, meats and seafood, among other options. Desserts and cheeses are on a separate table, to the delight of gourmets. Furthermore, from inside Brasserie Molitor you can see the famous Emily in Paris pool and remember the glamorous days of Parisian parties.

December 2023

Text and photos: Renata Araújo