Viaggiare con bambini in Germania

Traveling with children to Germany


When you have childrens firsts worryingions before traveling are: “Will our children like it?”, “We will find legal activities for them?” Therefore, we have selected some activities for children in Germany. Surely not only your child will like it!

Germany itself pleases children, with castles, delicious food and spectacular sceneryhowever there are some activities and places that delight children! It is a characteristic of most attractions in Germany, a concern for the inclusion of children, so that they understand, are interested and often interact with the proposal of the activity or attraction in question, the educational nature is highly valued and encouraged. Therefore, it is very common for there to be a program, tour or area aimed at children.

miniature wonderland

If your child wants to feel big, or rather, a giant, this place is perfect! In miniature form, the models represent various places in the world, including Switzerland, Austria, Italy and of course Germany. But since we are talking about several places in the world, how do travelers get there? By airplane! At the miniature airport there are fixed flight schedules, just like in a real airport, so you don't miss the arrival and departure of aircraft.

At Miniatur Wunderland there is the largest model railway in the world, it passes through the entire exhibition carrying its little ones passengers. In addition to all this, all areas have interaction with the visitor, so just click a button and the miniatures move, noises sound or the buildings open, allowing the visitor to see them from the inside. And like in real life, the sun periodically rises and sets.

Miniature Wonderland, Hamburgo.

Christmas Market

The Christmas markets are an attraction in themselves. Charming, every year at Christmas time, the squares of almost all German cities are filled with lights, stalls, decorations and love! Skating rinks, Ferris wheels, lots of hot chocolate, typical food and drinks. This is some of what’s in the incredible “weihnachtsmaerkte”. This immersion in the Christmas atmosphere, so pulsating and in a different culture, will bring magical and enriching memories for children.

Every year, cities make their own Christmas-themed mugs, a great souvenir to keep from your trip and a souvenir for loved ones!

Christmas Market, Frankfurt.

Castles and Palaces

There's nothing better to spark children's imagination than a trip to castles and palaces! For example, Neuschwanstein Palace, the supposed inspiration for Disney's Cinderella Palace, visiting it is like being in a fairy tale.

Another great example is the Schwerin Palace, which enchants everyone with its splendor, its beautiful garden and the surrounding lake, which make the place even more magical. It is also worth it for the little ones, a visit to Hohenzollern Castle, in addition to all its beauty and sensational views, when visiting the castle it is possible to see treasures such as the imperial crown of William II and an extremely well preserved dress of Queen Louise, stimulating children's imagination and curiosity about clothes, customs, architecture and the way of life of ancient generations.

Schwerin Palace, Schwerin.

Tour of the Mercedes-Benz museum

Located in Stuttgart, the museum presents the complete history of the innovative German brand. There are more than 1500 models ranging from classic models to the most recent, including hybrid and electric vehicles. In addition to the exhibitions themselves, curiosities about the engineering and history of vehicles, the museum offers themed guided tours for families with children, with an even more interesting approach adapted for young visitors. Children will love seeing so many different models of cars in such a special place!

BMW Museum, Munich.


Stationery stores in Germany are incredible and extremely complete! The stores have practically every brand you can imagine. Fans of the art called “Lettering”, people who make bullet journals and lovers of brush pens, highlighters, colored pens, notebooks and washi-tapes will love it! In addition, there are many pens in the country that have not yet arrived in Brazil.

Pens from the German brand Stabilo


The multinational company and the largest manufacturer of colored pencils in the world was born in Germany, more specifically in Stein, Nuremberg. The factory, the museum, the castle and the complete Faber-Castell store are open for visits, and are a dream for any child, where they will discover a world within the theme of the brand's drawings, pencils and products. For lovers of paintings, especially colored pencils, this tour is unmissable!

Castelo da Faber-Castell, Nuremberg.

Ritter Sport

Have you ever thought about making your own chocolate? At the Ritter Sport store, located in Berlin, this is possible! The store is the colorful world of chocolates in the middle of Berlin, where it offers a wide range of flavors, as well as allowing you to customize your own chocolate. What child wouldn't want to choose their favorite ingredients from a huge variety and make their own chocolate?

You choose the ingredients for your chocolate and they make it on the spot, to take home or consume on site. In addition, a workshop is possible for children and young people aged 7 to 18, where they will have a class about chocolate and its production, and then get their hands dirty, making the chocolate themselves and also the packaging.

Ritter Sport Store, Berlin.

We offer private guided tours in Portuguese at all of these attractions, in addition to customizing the itinerary according to the travelers' tastes and needs! We will be happy to organize your trip 🙂