Lubecca e il marzapane: la regina della lega anseatica

Lübeck and Marzipan – The Queen of the Hanseatic League


Lübeck is known as the “Queen of the Hanseatic League”a UNESCO World Heritage Site, dazzles visitors with its stunning Gothic architecture and charming streets that seem to have stopped in time.

The hallmark of the Hanseatic city, O Marzipã is the typical sweet from the city of Lübeck and is made up of simple ingredients such as rose water, almonds and sugar. However, its flavor is unique and nothing resembles it in Brazil. Marzipan exists in many countries and cities in Europe, but nowhere compares to Lübeck, with its unique flavor.


Marzipan was not born in Lübeck, but in the East, where almonds and sugar were produced. Upon returning from the East, the crusaders brought the recipe, arriving through northern Germany, due to the Hanseatic cities, and it was soon perfected by the Germans. As sugar became more accessible to the population in the 19th century, not only the rich and noble had access to this wonderful sweet, but also all other citizens.

Marzipan covered in chocolate, the most popular form of the sweet sold by Niederegger.

The most famous Marzipan brand is Niederegger, founded by Johann Georg Niederegger in 1822. The brand was named leader among Lübeck confectioners in 1832. Just before 1895, the company's marzipan already carried awards for excellent quality, making it was, at the time, the official supplier of the German Emperor. Marzipan is used in different sweets, most of the time covered in a thin layer of chocolate, it comes in different shapes and flavors. Another traditional recipe in which we find it is in Marzipantorte.

Marzipan cake from Niederegger, Lübeck.

The Niederegger café, located in Lubeck, is a mandatory stop for anyone who wants to try this local delicacy, there is a wide variety of sweets and pies made with marzipan. Above the cafe, there is a museum, which tells its complete history and has giant versions of its sweets.

Lübeck and Niederegger's wonderful Marzipan
Lübeck and Niederegger's wonderful Marzipan
Lübeck old town center - Guide in Lübeck
Lübeck old city center

Lübeck Guided Tour

Main Attractions

  • Holsten Gate (Holstentor): Representing the power and wealth of Lübeck at its height, this iconic city gate is one of the best-preserved medieval gates in Germany.
  • Historic Old Town (Altstadt): A journey through narrow alleys and historic squares reveals ornate merchants' houses and hidden courtyards that tell stories of days gone by.
  • Catedral de Lübeck (Lübeck Cathedral): Founded in the 12th century, this Gothic cathedral houses a rich art collection and offers panoramic views of the city from the top of its tower.
  • Museu Marzipan (Marzipan-Salon): Lübeck is famous for its tradition of making marzipan. At this museum, you can learn about the history of marzipan and even try some delicious treats.

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Lübeck old town center - Guide in Lübeck

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