Los 50 mejores restaurantes del mundo en 2023, en 50 Best de Valencia

The 50 best restaurants in the world in 2023, at 50 Best in Valencia

South America

The world of gastronomy gathered on Tuesday night (20) in Valencia, Spain, to celebrate the award of the The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 2023! The ceremony, held at Les Arts Opera House of the city, honors the best restaurants in the world, from 24 territories on five continents. The Peruvian Central, run by chefs Virgilio Martinez and Pía León, which is located in the most elegant neighborhood of Lima (and you can see more details by clicking here) was elected the best restaurant in the world. In second place was Disfrutar, in Barcelona, ​​followed by Diverxo, in Madrid, in third. The Pig House, in São Paulo, by chefs Jefferson and Janaína Rueda, was the only Brazilian present among the 50 best, in 12th position. Furthermore, in total, nine South American restaurants made this year's list: Lima, São Paulo, Buenos Aires, Santiago and Bogotá!

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Top 10 best restaurants in the world

In fourth place is the restaurant Asador Etxebarriin Axpe Achondo, Spain, followed by Alchemist, in Copenhagen, Denmark, by chef Rasmus Munk, in fifth. Who secured sixth place was restoration, in Lima, and the Lido 84, in Gardone Riviera, Italy, the seventh. Completing the Top 10, therefore, are the atomix, in New York, in eighth place, the Quintonil, in Mexico City, in ninth place, and the Table by Bruno Verjusin Paris, in tenth.

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Therefore, the Top 10 of the best restaurants in the world looked like this:

  1. Central – Lima, Peru
  2. Enjoy – Barcelona, ​​Spain
  3. Divergent – Madrid, Spain
  4. Asador Extebarri – Axpe Achondo, Spain
  5. Alchemist – Copenhagen, Denmark
  6. Restoration – Lima, Peru
  7. Lido 84 – Gardone Riviera, Italy
  8. Atomix – New York, United States
  9. Quintonil – Mexico City, Mexico
  10. Table by Bruno Verjus – Paris, France

The list

In addition, we also highlight some of our favorites (and you can find the full review here on the website), such as, for example, the Argentinean Don Julio, in Buenos Aires, which ranked 19th. Another award-winning restaurant we love is Nice singing, by Portuguese chef José Avillez, right in the center of Lisbon, which ranked 25th. Meanwhile, the The Bernardinein NYC, specializing in seafood, secured 44th place on the list of 50 best restaurants in the world.

Furthermore, we have two newcomers from South America this year: Skirtin Lima, in 28th place, and the El Chato, in Bogotá, in 33rd. The evening also celebrated honorees with pre-announced special awards, such as Elena Reygadas, winner of the The World’s Best Female Chef Award (Best female chef in the world), who is in charge of Rosetta, a restaurant in Mexico City that ranked 49th. Our editor-in-chief Renata Araújo was there recently, in a historic mansion in the Roma neighborhood, and was impressed!

Brazilians at World's Best Restaurants

There is also an extended list of the 51 to 100 best restaurants in the world, which was released a few days ago. In it, some Brazilians are present, such as, for example, the carioca Calm, by chef Rafael Costa e Silva, in 58th place, who does an impeccable job in his restaurant, with capacity for just eight people. You can read our full experience here. Already in 78th place is another carioca, the Of coursedo chef Alberto Landgraf.

Therefore, to check the complete list, visit the official website.

Photos: Renata Araújo and Disclosure